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Asian Cup of Football Courts, Japan

Friday, February 1, 2019 03:38 (GMT + 7)

(Japanese Football Courts – Qatar, 21h February 1, 2019 Asian Cup Finals) After one month of the competition, the Asian Cup has found the most deserving names in the finals.

* This match will be live, please watch!

Japanese video "destroys" Iran in semifinals

In the Asian Cup, which experienced many shocks, with a defeat of the unmanaged candidate, such as the Australian champion, the current second-placed Korea, experts and NHM became increasingly impressed by the trip to the finals. Japan.

Asian Football Judgment, Japan - Qatar: A Great Fire Battle, Glory to Call Someone? - 1

Japan jumps into the finals of the Asian Cup with absolute power

Possession of a fierce star in Europe, but the "green samurai" led by Hajime Moriiasu showed a deformed face towards his face instead of a committed style of attack like in the past. From the group stage to the eighth round and quarter-finals, the "land of the emerging sun" has always won enough victory, making opponents feel as if the task is to beat them as a delicate border, but can not pass.

In the semifinals, Japan's real power was really revealed by the elimination of the first runner-up, Iran's 3 goals have not been eliminated.

Now, Japan sets a clear ambition: the fifth time to win the Asian Cup championship and register the record they made in the Continental Tournament number 1. You need to know that in the 4 finalists, "green samurai" is a gain of 100%! In addition, coach Hajime Moriasu also has the opportunity to become the first to win the tournament as a player and coach. The 50-year-old strategist was a member of the first Japanese corporation in 1992.

In theory, Qatar This will be an extremely difficult challenge with performance even more impressive than the teacher and teacher Hajime Moriiasu. The 2022 World Cup host came to the finals with a record victory in 6 games, such as Japan, having scored 16 goals and not receiving. In particular, 22-year-old striker Almoez Ali also scored the best result on the tournament (8 goals).

Asian Football Judgment, Japan - Qatar: A Great Fire Battle, Glory to Call Someone? - 2

Qatar with young players sets the Asian Achievements in 2019

Even more interesting, the key component of Qatar is the U23 group that collapsed before U23 Vietnam in the semi-finals A23 U23. This success is "sweet fruit" from the rigorous, serious investment process of the representatives of Western Asia to prepare for the world's largest football festival in the future.

The past shows that Japan is not too superior to Qatar for confrontation. In 9 encounters, "green samurai" won 3 wins, lost 2. Exceptional, the latest match they sang won … 8 years (3-2, September / 2011).

In contrast to Japan, the new Asian Cup 2019 is the first time that Qatar has won the right to take part in the final game, so teachers and professors Felic Sanchez are eager to write a new chapter on football history. This becomes even more important if they win the biggest team in this tournament.

Predict the result: Japan 1-0 Qatar.

Expected item:

Japan: Gonda; Sakai, Tomiiasu, Ioshida, Nagatomo, Doan, Shibasaki, Endo, Haraguchi, Minamino, Osako, Muto.

Qatar: Al Sheeb; Khoukhi, Correia, Al Hajri, Hatem, Salem, Salman, Hisham, Al Heidos, Almoez Ali, Akram Afif.

Japan Rock Finals Cup of Asia Cup: STAR scored against Vietnam, believing that 90% champion

Ritsu Doan was extremely confident in the ability of Japanese crown.

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