Monday , April 12 2021

At the moment when the owner of the phone shop was seriously injured by a brazen thief, everyone was upset

Recently, a video showing the owner of a telephone shop was suddenly robbed – in the role of a customer drawing a knife and stabbing him in the back, he shocked everyone.

Klip: The moment the robber stabbed the owner of the phone shop hard, which upset everyone

Information on the list Great solidarity said, the robbery happened on March 1 at more than 11 a.m. at the SH Mobile store in Cham village, Tang Tien municipality, Viet Yen district (Bac Giang), by Mr. Le Van Sang (35) in Cham village.

According to the footage from the security camera of the store, the young man, in the role of a customer, entered the phone store asking to buy, while the owner of the store was groping to show the customers, this person was surprised. She drew a knife and struck the back of the phone shop owner.

Footage: The moment the owner of the telephone shop was seriously stabbed by a brazen robber, disturbing everyone - Picture 2.

The robber suddenly pulled out a knife and stabbed the owner of the telephone shop

At that time, the owner of the shop immediately protested, the bandit panicked and fled.

According to the source above, after the incident, Viet Yen County police and Tang Tien Commune police held an arrest. After almost 2 hours, approximately at 13:00 on the same day, the subject was arrested.

At the police station, the respondent declared himself Nguyen Van Hieu (22 years old), a native of Hoang Su Phi County, Ha Giang Province. He just went to industrial zones in Bac Giang province to find a job.

While waiting, due to spending money, the subject intends to rob the property.

It is known that the health of the owner of the telephone store has now gone through a critical crisis.

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