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Chinese model: "I lost my career because I played a video of D & G & # 39;


Da was dismissed when he participated in an advertisement that supposedly humiliated his country.

Model That He said SCMP after the Italian fashion scandal in November last year, she did not get a job in China. "I could never imagine that recording a Dolce & Gabbana commercial of that time almost destroyed the whole career of the model I was leading," Ta Da said.

Zhang Ziii and Star Dolce & Gabbana Orchestra

Yes, in the controversial promotional video Dolce & Gabbana.

The D & G Incident is one of the shocking stories of the fashion village in 2018. In November 2018, in order to promote the show in Shanghai, Dolce & Gabbana launched a video of the Da Da model using Italian food sticks. Although the video does not contain words that offend Chinese culture, many people in the country think through the expressions of the model, ridicule of videos, satire and neglect of their culture. The anger of the people was pushed as designer Stefano Gabbana responded to the audience about the video Instagram: "There are no people we still live well." Attached to the word is the symbol of the faeces. The company's boycott has increased because many have called for the destruction of the products of the fashion house.

That Da is the only model in this advertising campaign. The day of the recording, around it is an employee who speaks Italian, there is only one English user who communicates with her as a director. The model says it did not predict the content until the recording. The shooting took place in three hours. The scenario requires her to use her sticks to eat Western dishes with a cheerful atmosphere, an unexpected attitude, a loud laugh, a clumsy clumsy expression.

"I will never show disrespect to my homeland. I love my country and I am proud to represent China on the catwalk, this time I draw a song." Once again, I'm sorry, "Ta Ta wrote Veibo.

Model Ta Da.

In working with Dolce & Gabbana, Ta da hopes that a big international brand will help her to develop a significant career, but she is the opposite. Not only was the Italian duo designer outcast, but this model suffered the attacks of social network users. Some comments have defamed Ta Da, claiming that she earned money by insulting her country. "I still think your explanation is useless and your video is disgusting. You can only blame yourself that you are not able to discriminate. There is no purpose to justifying your mistakes." , one expressed on social networks. Others on Da Da sites say they know that it is just a model and that there is no control over video content.

Da Da is 1.77 m tall, the SMG management company model, graduated from the Agricultural University of China, currently works in Guangzhou. Page Models Description Ta has a striking, distinctive beauty. She won the first prize at the International Competition for Chinese Model held in Guangzhou in 2014. After the D & G incident, her company made a public apology, insisting she did not know the content of the controversial video.

Dolce & Gabbana apologizes to China

In the video, two designers apologize in Italian, with English subtitles with content that both apologize to all Chinese around the world. Both said they loved Chinese culture, visiting the country many times. In the end, both of them also show the word "sorry" in Chinese.

Although video publishing is apologetic, many people still do not accept D & G. Nitimes the identification of racism and arrogance made the Empire of Dolce & Gabbana weak. The newspaper states that the company's failure was due to the dangers of communication power, storm noise and the threat of arrogance in behavioral culture.

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