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Chuong Duong bridge crashed on Mercedes to identify a woman's death


Sunday, April 11, 2014 11:46 AM (GMT + 7)

The authorities have determined the death of Mercedes from Chuong Duong Bridge to the Red River.

On April 4, the Long Bien District Police Officer said that the deceased Mercedes-Benz No. 30E-86836 night on November 3, from Chuong Duong Bridge to the Red River, Nguyen Thi Thu Huong (SN1989, Quang Trung, Ha Dong, Hanoi). Ms. Huong's owner of Mercedes crashes.

Determined the identity of a woman killed in Mercedes on Chuong Duong Bridge - 1

The owner of Mercedes died in the accident.

The authorities have still checked the person who died at Huong.

PV report this morning, the parapet crashed car crashed yesterday strengthened the strength of the new railway. This barrier is welded to the old railing and is reinforced with a concrete bridge.

Identification of the death of the Mercedes crash on Chuong Duong Bridge - 2

The rafters in the river were reinforced with a new barrier

Functional forces continue to search for the crash area of ​​the car. According to PV, the functional forces found a debris suspicious in the car crash.

On the same day, the Vietnamese Navy Register, the 30E-86836, is the 2017 Mercedes GLC300. Registration of car owners in the car accident Mrs Nguyen Thi Thu Huong. The vehicle was last tested on 03/03/2013 with a deadline of verification by 2/1/2020 at the 33-01S Hanoi Vehicle Registration Center.

Identifying the death of a woman crashed on Chuong Duong Bridge - 3

Functional forces found more fragments of suspected car accidents.

Prior to that, 19: 40 on 3/11, the car Mercedes black with 5 seats moved to the Chuong Duong Bridge in the Long Bien District of Hanoi center.

When he reached Chuong Duong Bridge on Bridge 19, the car lost control, crashed across the bridge and dropped into the Red River.

After receiving the news of the accident, the vice president of the Nguyen Van Suu Hanoi People's Committee and the vice president of the National Road Safety Committee, Khuat Viet Hung, also came to the scene to direct search and rescue.

The functional forces then mobilized dozens of cannons and canoes on the Chuong Duong Bridge to the Red River. Divers and modern technical devices have mobilized anxiety.

After several hours of research, around 0h25, the workgroup identified the location of Mercedes loading, lifted the car from the riverbed, and pulled the rescue near the shore. Inspected inside the Mercedes, the operating forces detected two bodies.

On 4/11 at 2 o'clock, the rescue force moved the bodies of two serious victims to a moving rescuer from the scene.

The Mercedes crashed from the Chuong Duong Bridge into the Red River

On the morning of November 4, the Vietnamese report informed him that the car ran over the banana bridge and fell into the Red River.

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