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Companies that sell "golden land"?


Tan Lap Islet (Kung Huan Ward, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa Province) is at the highest level in Nha Trang. However, the project was confiscated in many scandals when investors were fined because the behavior in real estate business does not meet the requirements. At the same time, the lawsuit referred to an illegal transfer.

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According to the Khanh Hoa Province Ministry of Planning and Investments, the Tan Lap KDC project was established in 2007. One side is in the immediate vicinity of Tran Phu Street, with regard to the sea on one side, near the Ksom Con street that runs for the Cai River. Due to many problems, in 2011, the People's Committee of Khanh Hoa Province approved a joint venture between Song Da – Thang Long AD (40%) and Song Da Nha Trang (60%). a private construction project with a scale of about 7.9 hectares; The total investment is estimated at over 2,718 trillion dongues. The legal representative is Song Da Nha Trang AD.

After 4 years of realization, until April 4, 2015, the National Committee Khanh Hoa continued to have Notice no. 183 on Adjusting the Progress and Separating the KDC Tan Lap Project into Component Projects,. The first phase of construction and infrastructure construction was completed in K1 / 2016.

Phase 2 of the investment project for building town houses and villas in the fourth quarter of 2017; High buildings from the first quarter of 2020. Investors then resorted to financial difficulties and land, so they applied for the extension of the schedule. At the same time, dedication to the completion of the objects of neighboring houses, villas in the first quarter of 2019, high-rise buildings by the third quarter of 2020.

However, in mid-November 2018, the reporter noticed a project area near the Tran Phu bridge, and corroding was growing sporadically, and the fertilizer flowing into the street causes aesthetics. The remaining land is scattered, some units are leveled, many water drainage matters can not be completed over time.

In the meantime, according to the reporter, the investor of this project is secured by the social security of the province of Khanh Hoa. By the beginning of 2018, Song Da Nha Trang JSC still owes land use fees of over 384 billion dong. When it comes to financial capacity, Khanh Hoa Province Planning and Investment Department said when reporting to the provincial national committee: "From 2016 until today, the company has not submitted financial reports as dedicated, so the Planning and Investments Department can not be a private investor report to PPC about the financial capacity of investors! ".

Do businesses sell land in gold? - Picture 1.

The project of the residential area of ​​Tan Lap Alcohol (Ksuong Juan Vard, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa Province) has been implemented since 2011 to date and is still an empty land.

Sale of land by unauthorized project?

Song Da Nha Trang in 2014 transferred TM2 to the above mentioned project for secondary investors, or DN1 in Dien Bien Province, to invest in the luxury apartment complex and hotel complex Muong Thanh Khanh. Area of ​​5.864 m2. By 2017, the investor will continue to transfer the shopping center (TM1) to HP Hospitality. These two lands were approved by the PPC and approved.

Recently, at the end of October, Song Da 1 AD – Founding member Song Da Nha Trang JSC – unexpectedly sent a letter to leaders of Khanh Hoa province and related agencies, urgent recommendations. This is the same as the issuance of land use certificates for buildings of high HH1, HH2 and HH3 belonging to the Tan Lap KDC project.

Nguyen Ksuan Binh, Managing Director of Song Da 1, said the management of Song Da Nha Trang, a joint-stock company, transferred land to build high-rise buildings by transferring hundreds of billions, but not during a shareholder meeting (from 2016 to date, Song Da Nha Trang AD did not organize a meeting of shareholders, and not a financial report).

"So, the signed transfer agreements, the money received is illegal, if the management of Song Da Nha Trang dd dispersed the contractual amount, do not invest in the infrastructure, it will be very large for customers and shareholders," Binh said, adding that many mistakes made by the Song Da Nha Trang stock company. Hoa.

In the meantime, Tran Nam Binh, deputy director of the Khanh Hoa Construction Department, said the investor had asked to transfer the project to a secondary investor, but the department did not agree because the project was not sufficient. conditions. "We got a reflection of Song Da 1 JSC. This project, which is not suitable for transfer, now has stock reports, so it's definitely not portable," said Nam Binh.

According to the Department of Construction of Khanh Hoa Province, the provincial inspectorate once punished for a violation of the $ 65 million Song Da Nha Trang AD for real estate activities not meeting the prescribed requirements. Accordingly, the project is not suitable for placing real estate in the business, but the investor has sold houses in the future, and the collection of capital is a violation of the law on housing and real estate.

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