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Day Three newspaper won the B award at the National Conference in 2019

This afternoon (March 17th), after three days of exciting events at the Hanoi Museum, the National Conference in 2019 officially closed.

Attending the closing ceremony of the National Conference in 2019 with a member of the Politburo, Permanent Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh; Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party, Supreme Court Judge Nguyen Hoa Binh; and representatives of ministries, branches and city of Hanoi and representatives of press agencies.

Day Three newspaper won the B award at the National Conference in 2019 - 1

Permanent Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh (third from the right) attended the closing ceremony of the National Gazette in 2019. (Photo: Kuan Do).

New Day Three newspapers received the B prize in national newspapers 2019 - 3

Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh and Chief Justice of the Supreme People's Court Nguyen Hoa Binh presented the special "Impressive and Special Exhibit Booth" award for the representatives of the Radio and the Vietnamese Television Station.

Speaking at the closing ceremony, Mr. Ho Kuang Loi, Permanent Vice President of the Vietnamese Journalists' Association, head of the Organizing Committee of the National Conference 2019, said that the Nationweide Newspaper of 2019 with 76 display areas, 112 cabs The standard presentation attracted an enthusiastic participation of nearly 200 units.

National newspaper is the largest cultural and journalistic event held every year. It's actually bringing the career, culture, special spirit of the journalists and the press throughout the country closer together.

"The National Conference in 2019 was honored by the welcome of Prime Minister Nguyen Ksuan Phuc, Mr. Vo Van Thuong, Head of the Central Propaganda Department, Truong Thi Mai, Head of the Central Commission for Mass Mobility attended the Opening Ceremony. Speaking, opening the drum and taking time to visit stalls of news agencies and local association of journalists, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam attended and chaired a workshop "The Role of Press in the Media on the Standards of Culture of Behavior" and visit exhibition stands "- said Mr. Ho Quang Loi.

Day Three newspaper won the B prize in national newspapers 2019-2

Mr. Ho Kuang Loi spoke at the closing ceremony of the National Conference in 2019.

In the past 3 days, the newspapers welcomed many leaders of the Ministry, departments, branches of the Central and Hanoi cities, as well as numerous sites to visit and communicate with journalists. Thousands of people came to read newspapers and interact with reporters in the newspapers, contributing to an increase in the link between the press and the public.

The National News 2019 lied to the public with all kinds of press releases, including: New Year's Novelty 2019; Lunar New Year Lunar New Year; Typical publications for the press in the first quarter of 2019, which show pictures of training of journalists, technical equipment and modern news technology.

How many times 2019-25.jpg

Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Tran Hong Ha (the other on the right) recorded with the editor-in-chief Dan Tri Pham Hui Hoan (second from the left) at the exhibition Dan Tri novine.

The National Conference 2019 builds paintings and colors, as well as organizes areas in a scientific way in the beautiful and wide campus of the Hanoi Museum in order to achieve the highest efficiency in honor and praise. the strength of the journalists throughout the country.

The press gathered thousands of newspapers and magazines with the number of New Year and Spring; hundreds of unique television programs; a beautiful electronic interface and more than 300 excellent environmental and climate report reports in 2018; more than 80 papers of scientific and professional newspaper articles, praising the scientific and spiritual achievements of journalists in the country in the past year, …

"As a traditional beauty, the Nationwide News in 2019 will give all the publications to the Conference of Navy and Border Guards. The National Newspaper in 2019 has left a deep and beautiful impression in the hearts of journalists and the public across the country To achieve this success, the Association of Journalists in Vietnam and Organizational Board of the Association want to express their deep gratitude to party and state leaders, ministries, departments, central branches and Hanoi and a large number of people have attended, exchanged and shared with newspaper producers … "- said the Ho Quang Loi one.

New Day Three papers received the B award at the national conference 2019 - the 4th year
New Day Three papers received the B award at the National Conference 2019 - 5

Journalist Can Manh Cuong – deputy president of the Association of the Association of Journalists Association (second on the right), presenting Day Three Newspapers for the B award "Impressive and special stand for exposure". (Photo: Kuan Do).

At the closing ceremony, the Organizing Committee awarded six types of awards: "Impressive prize for the exhibition stand" (Day Three was awarded the B Award), "The New Year's Prize", "Oslobodjenje Excellence" on the Environment, Climate Change "," Award for Scientific articles and experts for the press "," Award for impressive work and television Tet "," Good reward for the e-novice interface "for colleagues and individuals.

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