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Duong Khac Linh admits the love of Ngoc Duien after the farewell French page of Culture


In mid-2017, French and Vietnamese musicians from abroad will "go in different ways". Many people are surprised that in a press interview in 2016, Judge GVietnamese singing children Also, sharing the hiking wedding of the French site makes fans happy to wind up the couple.

Shortly thereafter, the Cybers' community collected rumors about Duong Khac Linh dating Ngoc Duien. Viewing images and interactive social interactions make fans more "semi-reliable". At that time, Duong Khac Linh refused to meet with the candidates Double tone. After several months, the male musician admitted that he was seriously collaborating with the singer in 1995, as well as with the intention of making a long story.

"I am open to be stable in the affair, it attracts beauty and youth towards a person because it is the first attraction, it is drawn to my voice, I drink good or bad (laughter)," said Duong Khac Linh.

Iang Khac Linh admitted the love of Ngoc Duien after forgiving on the French side - photo 1

Duong Khac Linh passed his girlfriend's house and supported his family

Photo: FBNV

Talk about a meeting with beautiful beauties, musicians Wing of fading For example, "I work in an environment where I can easily get to know people in that environment." They are all different, many say the age gap, but with 9Ks as well as with 8Ks, there is not much difference. It is easier to support one another, to consult and share many problems in life. "

Working in the community Vpop as a singer, a former girlfriend and girlfriend is easy to "hit the scene", a male musician said he thinks that moment is a little shy, but then it's "normal to accept, not to add or something."

About his ex-girlfriend, Duong Khac Linh has confirmed that they have their own life, they no longer go together, so the electricity did not get anything from the old love.

Ngoc Duien is known as Ngoc Duien Sara. Beauty was born in 1995, sister Liu Hien Trinh, team leader S-Girls coach Duong Khac Linh Mysterious factor. Before the audience was referring to the name Duong Khac Linh, Ngoc Duien is a well-known person in the MV You miss me, you just dream, What do you want …

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