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Hanoi opens the day


National Olympiad U21 2018: Hanoi Opens Day - Picture 1.

"The Thua Thien-Hue players are relatively young compared to U21 in Hanoi, so after losing 2 goals, students lose confidence and can not turn tables. The second match," a Phan Van Tria coach's assessment of Thua Thien's students Huea in their defeat 0-4 in Tu Do home.

Above the level and looks, U21 players in Hanoi have actively pressed their opponent immediately after opening the horn. When the match was not 1/3 time in the first half, the team led by coach Minh Duc aimed to open a dead end in the event of a fine penalty from a fence from a distance of almost 25 m away Ho Ho Minh Di.

National Olympiad U21 2018: Hanoi Opens Day - Picture 2.
National Olympiad U21 2018: Hanoi Opens Day - Picture 3.

After the goal, Thua Thien Hue kicked off the initiative to raise the table, but in a little likely coordinated situation, the communication between the hand and the extraordinary team Hanoi U21 made the Central. Continue to support. The absolute control of the game and the great result of Hanoi endured a free-kick and, if well-used, the result could be equal to tennis.

Demonstrations in motorcycle events have provoked a home between two innings and heavy rain at the start of the second half can not help the home team to advance. The Phan Van Tri army consistently scored 3 goals after the situation coordinated the passage and the precise line of Hanoi. The whole Hanoi in the second half were Pham Tuan Hai, Le Ksuan Tu and Tran Duc Nam.

Olympics in 2018 in Hanoi: Figure 4.

Coach Pham Minh Duc divided after the game: "I am very pleased with the performances of the students in the opening match today, but they must improve the ability to add the ball and finish better. I met the host on the battlefield, but today's victory is not small due to the difference between the two teams, Thua Thien Hue did not prepare the best when entering this match. In addition, coach Minh Duc said he would be determined to win the next battle to win at the top.

After winning 3 points on the day, U21 Hanoi shows the prestige of the strongest team for the championship of this term. They will face Dak Lak in the second group A group on 9-11, and the owners of Thua Thien-Hue still find it hard to get Binh Duong on the same day.

Village of Phuoc – Photo: Kha Hoa

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