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Happy life in Canada is a couple "bad husband – a woman beautiful" after 4 years of disturbance


In mid-2014, the image of "the bad woman – the wonderful wife" of the couple split into social networks and became a scandal.

The beautiful wife of a pair of wedding couples has led to chess in 2014

What people notice is the groom's appearance. After an unplanned crash in 2001, Tran Lam (born in 1991, who lives in Ho Chi Minh City) suffered a permanent injury due to 90% burns. Young Thu Hien is a beautiful girl, smart and loved by many people.

Happy Life in a Bad Male Man - Beautiful Woman After 4 Years of Mixing - Picture 2.

Many doubted the love of the beautiful girlfriend for the boy Tran Lam

Happy Life in Canada from a Bad Married Couple - Women After 4 Years Disturbing - Picture 3.

However, to surpass the wind who have 5 years love each other and 4 years as a husband and wife

Before marriage, the couple fell in love for over five years, crossing the wind. A well-known, long-lasting self-helpful ugly look, Tran Lam does not dare anyone or actively know any girl until she meets Thu Hien. Hien is an active message to talk to Lama and loves him from there.

Together to pick up his first son in 2014

The wedding of the brothers has led many to doubt and ask whether the last part of this wedding is true love on both sides. At the same time, many people are skeptical of their feelings, the material that motivates the girl has decided to keep up with the guy who has a defect in this face.

However, after four years of marriage, despite many winds of skepticism, the couple are still happy to live in Canada after he greeted his first son in 2016. A nice boy, beautiful, Jaiden Nguien was named.

After all the turbulence, the Tran Lam – Thu Hien couple now has a happy life in Canada

Unlike rumors about the Tran Lama family before, after his wife in Canada, Thu Hien worries about his family and his son went to the nail salon, his younger brother Trana is also employed.

Living with family and relatives, young couples must be self-confident, do everything for the family and take care of the children. In addition to working hours, Tran Lam at home is also a dad when his wife takes care of her children and is ready to cook.

Happy life in Canada from a bad husband - a woman after 4 years of disturbing - Picture 6.

His son Jaiden Nguien is the crystal love of Tran Lam and Thu Hien

Happy life in Canada from a badly married couple - a woman after 4 years of disturbing - Picture 8.

Life in Canada is not as rich as many rumors, but the Tran Lam-Thu Hien family is still very happy.

Life in Canada is not as rich as many rumors, but the Tran Lam-Thu Hien family is still very happy. Regardless of the defects of the opponent's appearance, the young couple have even more happy lives and together for a small family.

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