Tuesday , September 27 2022

Janet Nguien was elected to the Senate of California


HUNTINGTON BEACH – Janet Nguyen, the first Vietnamese American to become a state senator, was re-elected to a four-year term in the Senate in California, which is largely a Vietnam-American neighborhood. in the county of Orange in the southern state.

She led in front of rival Democrat Tom Uberberg, retired colonel of the US Army, with a significant difference of 54.5 percent from 45.5 percent, according to the updated Office of the Secretary. Orange Counti voters at 7/11 in the morning.

Her victory is expected to be actual thanks to the great support of Vietnamese voters in her district.

"District residents of District 34 spoke out loud and so far they want a vote in the Senate to oppose the ruling elite. [thủ phủ California] Sacramento! "She exclaimed on the night of September 11 ahead of the excitement and applause of supporters watching the results of the Garden Grove restaurant.

"And things [tôi] It does not matter to get out of the Senate, "she said in a humorous reminder of the event at the beginning of 2017, when she published and criticized a senator led by the Democrats, whom she criticized, forced to stand on the communist side. to remove it from the legislation, but it received strong support from other colleagues from Vietnamese legislators and compatriots.

Many Vietnamese voters who interviewed the VOA before the election said they would vote for it, because what they say is its constant efforts to advance the interests of the community. They say that one of its greatest achievements is the introduction of laws regulating schools to bring Vietnam refugees into the curriculum in California, which is now signed by the governor.

"Even if there are people who criticize SB 895, the community will say (tongue shaking and shaking their heads)" No, [chúng tôi] The senatorial attitude is the attitude of our community, "she told VOA in an interview at the November 6th event.

For Pham Nguien Khai Minh, a 25-year-old volunteer, Janet Nguien generously helped his family during the difficult first time when he first came to the United States was the reason he supported him so much. and give her time to contribute to her campaign.

Mr Ming said his main task was to help the voters' calls to mobilize their votes, as well as to collect their votes and to take them to the polls.

"Janet can call me at any time and I am ready and spend some time with Senators in the coming years," he told VOA.

Apart from Janet Nguyen's victory, some other Vietnamese contenders have won other Orange Counties. Tiler Diep, deputy mayor of Westminster, where many Vietnamese live, was elected headquarters in a California State House, while Ta Duc Tri was re-elected as mayor of the city.

The election results on November 7 also showed that five members of the Westminster Council will have four Vietnamese, the first in the history of the city, reported Nguoi Viet.

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