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Male employees set aside billions, engaged a wedding photo Hotgirl


On November 11, police, Vinh Citia (Nghe An), said that she had transferred the Do Tien Tung file (22 years old, stayed in Kuang Thuan, Ba Don, Kuang Binh) and the abuse of Nghe property. The Public Prosecutor's Office continues to expand investigations.

Earlier, the deputy director of a Vinh Citi-based telephony business and electronic subsidiary reported to Vinh Citia police that Tung (the company's chief marketing director) had allocated assets (mostly a expensive telephone bill) with a total value of more than 2.5 billion.

Male staff attaches billions, hires hotgirl wedding photos - Figure 1.

Did Tien Tung arrest the police?

From August to 2018, Tung was left out to sell the company a lot of expensive phone deliveries. Tung became active, went to Hanoi to meet with his partners and send goods to Hanoi's transactions. Basically, Tung took over phone deliveries to sell cheap in order to get the money.

To entrust the company, Tung paid the company a total of more than 3.1 billion, and the remaining more than 2 billion spent personal consumption and then fled.

At 25-9, after receiving the announcement, the city's public security police decided to establish an investigation.

By professional measures, the police arrested Tunga when Tung fled to Thailand. Catching money, football betting and eating, Macbook computers, motors, travel. In particular, Tung employs a female model for wedding photography with Tung, and then facebook personally to have a beautiful woman.

Male staff attaches billions, hires hotgirl wedding photos - Picture 2.

Tung wedding on facebook

Currently, CSDT has recovered assets worth nearly 200 million returns to owners.

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