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Match history between Vietnam Tel and Tel Malaysia at the AFF Cup


November 16, Vietnam Tel in Malaysia will compete in the third round of Group A – AFF Cup 2018. Before the game is very important, along with the history of the conflict between the two teams. AFF Cup, formerly Tiger Cup.

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* Tiger Cup 1998

In this tournament, Vietnam and Malaysia are in Group B with two other opponents, Laos and Singapore. Two teams met in the final round of the group stage, Vietnam Tel won the home team 1-0 against the opponent with one goal of Nguyen Hong Son.

Beat Malaysia, Vietnam Tel was in the semi-finals with a second position in Team A. The home team broke Thailand 3-0 in the semifinals, but ended in the finals with 0-1. Singapore.

* Tiger Cup 2000

Vietnam and Malaysia are in team B, and three teams are Singapore, Laos and Cambodia. Two teams met the score 0-0. At the end of the group phase, Vietnam and Malaysia have the same 10 points, but we have better sub-ratings should be at the top of the table.

In the semifinals, Vietnam lost 2-3 in Indonesia after 120 minutes, while Malaysia lost 0-2 to Thailand. In the third match, Tel was 0-3 against tigers.

* Tiger Cup 2002

This tournament is held in two countries, Indonesia and Singapore. Tel Vietnam and Malaysia play excellently in the group stage, but when the semi-final falls on the phone and Indonesia Indonesia should enter the third game. In this clash, Vietnam Tel won the opponent with a score of 2: 1.

* AFF Cup 2008

Six years after the match in Jakarta, Vietnam and Malaysia, they met again at the 2008 AFF Cup. Coach Henrikue Calisto won 3-2 against Malaysia in the group stage, indirectly rivaling the water.

In the semifinals, Vietnam Tel won in Singapore 1-0, in order to reach the finals. After two rounds against Thailand in the final, coach Henrikue Calisto and the students won the finals 3-2 for the first time in history to win the championship.


* AFF Cup 2010

Vietnam is a country organizing tournaments. We decided in group B to meet Malaysia in the semifinals. Despite the good form, but in the semifinals of the first part of the opponent, Tel Vietnam lost 0-2. At the match for the next three days, Tel 0-0-0 Vietnam, through which it was officially eliminated. This is a tournament where Malaysia won the championship, defeating Indonesia with a total score of 4-2 in the final.

* AFF Cup 2014

Vietnam Tel was on the top of Group A with 7 points / 3 matches in Malaysia in the semifinals. Coach Toshiia Miura won the match 2-1. However, in the retaliatory foot, personal mistakes caused the champion AFF Cup 2008 to defeat 2-4.

* AFF Cup 2016

In this tournament, Vietnam and Malaysia are in Group B with Cambodia and the home team of Myanmar. Vietnamese football, led by coach Huu Thang, beat Malaysia in the second game with a 1-0 result, the only goal scored by Trong Hoang in 80 minutes.

After losing to Vietnam, Malaysia continued to lose the match against Mianman, which is stopping in the group stage. In the meantime, Vietnam has moved forward, but lost 3-4 in front of the Indonesian phone after two rounds in the semifinals, eliminating it.

Thus, Vietnam Tel and Malaysia met a total of 10 times at the AFF Cup (previous Tiger Cup). As a result, we won 5, drawn 2 and lost 3. In the group stage, Vietnam won 3 times before tigers. However, in knockouts, our team is again free, when two stops in the semifinals, one defeat in a bronze battle.

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