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Match report Man Citi 6 0 League Champion League Champion


tuong thuat man citi 6 0 shakhtar death bang champions league hinh 1
Gabriel Jesus scored a hat-trick against Shahtar. (Photo: Getti)

Welcoming the Shahter at Etihad Stadium, the city quickly swam after a whistle attack. And fans in the house do not have to wait a long time to celebrate the initial goal.

After 13 minutes, Riiad Mahrez came in from the right, feinted, then sped past the off-balance defender to make the score 1 – 0, giving David Silva the lead. The work of the Spanish binders only gently puts the ball in an empty net.

In order not to halt the result, Man City continues to increase pressure and to have more double tables after 10 minutes. Raheem Sterling on penalties in the penalty area Shakhtar.

However, this was the ball that the referee made a mistake when Raheem Sterling fell. The English striker did not judge with the defending Mikol Matviyenko at the guests, but he still fell.

Gabrijel Isus was easily defeated by Andriia Piatov to score 2-0 for Citi. The fate of the match is the same when the new clock is only 25 minutes.

Creating a safe haven, the city's idea will slow down to hold derby in Manchester this weekend. However, citizens even made Shahter suffer even more terrible in the second half.

After 48 minutes, Raheem Sterling with a unique midfield, passed a series of visitors before the result, raising the score to 4-0 for Man Citi.

tuong thuat man citi 6 0 shakhtar death bang champion hinh 2
Raheem Sterling made a controversial penalty and a super-match in this match. (Photo: Getti)


He earned a controversial penalty and created a super-product, but Raheem Sterling is not the most important player on this match. Gabriel Jesus scored a hat-trick against Shahtar.

72 minutes, Gabriel Jesus scored the second penalty on penalty, after David Silva in the penalty area. The Brazilian striker finished the hat trick when he set a 6-0 win for Citi in the 90th minute + 2.

The arrival of Gabriel Jesus in the final stage was Riiad Mahrezov's score of 84 minutes. More precisely, the goal creator was Ilkai Gundogan – who came from the injury.

Win 6-0 against Shahtara, unfortunately, the City is still not able to get tickets before the night in the Champions League. Lyon entered with 2: 2 in Hoffenheim despite a convincing 2-0 in the last game.


David Silva (Gundogan 73?), Mahrez, Bernardo Silva, Sterling, Jesus.

Shakhtar: Piatov, Matvienko, Krivtsov, Rakicki, Ismaili, Stepanenko, Maicon (Alan 77 & # 39;), Taison (Nem 77), Kovalenko, Bolbat, Junior Moraes (Kajdo 63 & # 39;).

Scored: Silva (13 & # 39;), Jesus (25 & # 39 ;, 72 & # 39 ;, 90 & # 39; + 2), Sterling (48 & # 39;) Mahrez (84 &

Bao Long / VOV.VN

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