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Official police information


Colonel Luong Tan Dinh, head of the Phu Ien Police Department's police department, said on Monday that the Tui Hoa police department reported that a car accident hit the center. City Tui Hoa.

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The girl hit a rubber bullet. (Clip cut from clip)

Earlier, in the afternoon of November 15, during the patrol, two traffic police, Tui Hoa city police discovered a young man who wore a girl in the back, not wearing a helmet, the car carrying a black bag, running on the side, hitting hammocks, asking you to stop checking.

However, young people riding motorcycles do not stop, but continue to go, making forced police in the traffic of specialized vehicles.

During driving on the street Hung Vuong, the traffic police drafted a gun to fire only a natural, demanding stop, but by launching the plundering of motor pistols. The bullet goes through the girl's software side.

After the incident, the traffic police took victims to the General Hospital Phu Ien for health care.


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Ms. Thoa was in the family at the hospital.

In the afternoon of the same day, the city police chief Tui Hoa visited the hospital to visit the victims. The hospital identified the victim with a back injury, not life-threatening.

The victim was identified as Tran Thi Kim Thoa, in the Hoa Tan Tai municipality, Tai Hoa Province, Phu Ien province. On November 15, her husband, Dao Minh Trong, drove a motorcycle, transferring it to the market in Tui Hoa town, and then home.

When he came to Hung Vuong Street, Trong did not have a helmet with a red light. When he saw the two traffic police behind him in order to ride a car, he asked to stop the g. Tronga was scared to turn the car and escape. Near the intersection of the street Hung Vuong-Bach Dang, Mrs Thoa's rubber strike on the street.

Thai Binh / VOV-Central

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