Monday , March 8 2021

On his way to succeed Ronaldo in Portugal

Immediately after signing Vukovi’s contract in 2019 for 17.9 million euros, Pedro Neto immediately attracted the attention of his first interview in his hometown of Portugal, announcing that he would become a bridge, the best player in the world. At that time, few people believed Pedro. It is said that any young player because of his youth will speak like Pedro, who has no dreams and ambitions.

But there are people who say they can’t fulfill and vice versa, there are also boys who try to make those words and dreams come true. With Pedro, two years of working with the Wolves help him prove his ability to everyone step by step.

In a difficult season with a dizzying schedule and the injury of owner Raul Jimenez, Pedro has more land. Net’s sublimation performances helped him and the club step by step out of difficulty. More importantly, it convinces fans in his home country of Portugal to believe that Pedro is the most worthy successor to the position of superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

Pedro Neto plays well in the Wolves

In terms of achievement, Neto currently scores 8 goals for the Wolves (5 goals and 3 assists), which is equal to Arsenal fuse Bukaio Saka and 1 less than Manchester City-born player Phil Foden (6 tables and 3 assists).

Like Ronaldo, Pedro is able to play on the left and right flank even when he is able to play well in the central position. As he moved, the spectators felt that the ball was firmly attached to the shoe of this tall 1m72 player, destroying the opponent’s defense with his perfect acceleration, but no less dexterity.

Net and Ronaldo’s performance in the 2020/21 season

Pedro is only 20 years old and still lives with his parents in the city, instead of living separately like many other colleagues. However, his progress is what has surprised all members of the Wolves over the past 12 months.

When asked about the young talents of the club, coach Nuno Santo – a Portuguese countryman and Pedro’s teacher at Wolves, said: “He is doing very well, but I believe that there is still a way to improve many other aspects. Pedro Neto is still very young, talented and can improve a lot more. He understands that, and so do we. So, we are on our way to do it together. I am happy with his commitment. “

There is one detail that few people know, while playing for Braga in Portugal, Neto broke Ronaldo’s record as the youngest scorer in this tournament when he was 17 years and 67 days old. Pedro’s rapid development has forced the Wolves not to hesitate to sell Diogo Jota to Liverpool for £ 45 million in September 2020 without the need to get upset. As coach Nuno Santo stated, the progress of Pedro and Daniel Podence made him not need to think much about keeping Iota.

Santa’s belief had a big impact on Pedro, so he signed a five-year term in November 2020 (until June 2020), exceeding the team’s expectations to become a stronghold of the entire team when Jimenez was absent. Obviously, becoming the best player in the world is still the highlight that Pedro needs to strive for more time, but at least for now, fans can believe that he chose the right path for him.

His parents brought Pedro Neta to the training ground

Little does he know, Pedro Neta is still taken daily by his father (Pedro Senior) and mother (Cristina) to the Vukova training ground. This is completely different from many other colleagues when they all drive to the training ground on their own. In addition, Pedro is considered the “tree of comedy” in Vukovi.

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