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Pleasure as a couple of friends Le Thui – Tuiet Lan: Getting a good husband

It's rare to have close friends like Le Thui and Tuiet Lan: Have a sublimation career and earn a handsome husband who loves and consumes all of his heart.

VATCH VIDEO: Do An talks about his first love with Le Thui.

Known through the competition Next Top Model Vietnam, Le Thui and Tuiet Lan are names that leave a deep impression on the audience. Growth from the "cradle" makes the two supermodels gradually become close after having time to work in a domestic environment and internationally.

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Le Thui and Tuiet Lan are very close friends.

Le Thui once talked about their friendship: "Six years ago, we envied jealousy for our work, and we also experienced the emotions of friendship and nursing. For now, after 6 years, we understand after the event. We know that a wonderful friendship can be reliably called" close friends ".

Not only do long legs always know to take advantage of their own personality, but Le Thui and Tuiet Lan also tell many fans to marry a handsome and handsome husband.


In early 2015. Le Thui suddenly married for Do An – a handsome overseas Vietnamese. During their time together, despite having to deal with bad stories about the appearance of her wife, Viet Kieu was always standing to protect her hair. During the four years of living together, there was no doubt that there would be arguments and anger between them, but Le Thui always calmed down with all the subtlety, and above all, the great love for his man.

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After being criticized for his appearance, Le Thui still has a happy and happy life with his handsome husband.

And not only that, Le Thui is compared to the "queen" loved by her husband and family. Maybe it's a blessing that no woman has.

The family wants to create the conditions to spend time on their work. Since the day I became my bride, I really loved my mother-in-law, because my family was full of boys and she was very passionate about having a daughter. His mother is always concerned about my health, so I always buy the food my daughter will be tied up with. In free even, she even made me pajamas. Candles leave the table, loves the daughter-in-law as if I were still at school. Whenever my daughter-in-law goes to work, my father gives me money and makes me take it as my parents do. I feel happy that my parents take care of my child "Le Thui said.

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Le Thui is loved by her husband and her family.

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They just need to sincerely love and give each other confidence, the dream of a sweet, full home will never be distorted.

From the moment he met until he returned under one roof, Le Thui and her husband never wrestled. But when one gets angry, An does always patiently explain and pray until he is completely angry. It can be confirmed that Do is the most modest man in the shovbiz.

In the anniversary year of marriage, Do An also sang for Le Thui and romantically – something that not every man dared to do. He even secretly built a house to give his wife. Does An love so much, Can Anne can do everything for his wife.

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A handsome man regularly watched Le Thuia in most of the events.


In 2015, Tuiet Lan expressed public affection for a Vietnamese boyfriend Phan Tamu, who graduated from the State University of Montclair, USA. After three years of study, both held weddings. The husband of Tuiet Lan was born in 1981 – 9 years older than he works in the financial sector.

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Tuiet Lan called Phan Tam the man he gave his heart to.

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After the wedding, the two of them did not share their lives too much.

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Nevertheless, the romantic moments proved their sweet and wonderful love.

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"Love tank" picture para.

From the day of love, the couple often travel together and photograph as dreams. Unlike many other long legs, there is no need to borrow beautiful words or words of beauty, Tuiet Lan and her boyfriend still claim many fans to admire, dreaming a moment of tangerine and love together.

Remember the second-ranked wedding Nekt Top Model 2010 was held in August 2018 in a luxury Ho Chi Minh wedding center, with the participation of many close friends who are long-standing members of the Vietnamese shovba. And at the previous ceremony, Le Thui worked as a groom at the wedding of her friend.

I need a lot of money - a lot of things: I have a lot of things - I love you - 13

Tuiet Lan and his wife on the wedding day.

Le Thuy is a godfather for Tuiet Lan.

After marriage, it seems that Tuiet Lan is more clenched in her life. Although they did not publish her husband's photos on social networks, but seeing her brilliant look, the fans understand enough how much the girl is happy.

Le Thui and the sample were angry at the bad treatment, starving in a show outside the island

After Le Thui's "scrub" screen on a personal Facebook page, many models attended the show with Ms. Do An and spoke.

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