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Police explains the "cell" of Saigon's metropolis


Wednesday, January 23, 2019 18:28 (GMT + 7)

Ho Chi Minh City People's Commissariat Vice President Tran Vin Tuien said that, in addition to the Ho Chi Minh Inspectorate, the police also participated in clarifying the design of the diaphragm wall of the city railway (metro) no. 1 Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien.

In the afternoon 23/1, the HCMC Department of Transportation held a conference in which he reviewed the work in 2018, deploying the course of the mission in 2019. Ho Chi Minh's Deputy President Tran Vinh Tuien attended and spent much time talking about the metro project. adjustment of the diaphragm wall from 2m to 1.5m of the first metro project.

Addressing the conference, Vice-President Tran Vinh Tuien greeted Mr. Bui Ksuan Cuong, Director of the Department of Transportation, who took over the task of the Governing Board of HCMC for Urban Rail (MAUR), who faces many difficulties and instabilities. helping HCMC stabilize the situation and implementing projects more quickly after the Politburo agreed to advocate for the government to allow the city to approve an increase in the total investment of the project.

Police clarify the case; Saigon Metro Diaphragm - 1

Deputy Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Committee Tran Vinh Tuien

Mr. Tuien pointed out that the Ministry of Transport officials must closely coordinate with the MAUR because the metro project is not only a national, but also a public interest, as well as diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Japan and relations with foreign contractors.

"Slow implementation faces the risk of being sued and affecting diplomatic relations. When the Japanese prime minister visited Vietnam, working with his prime minister, the first problem to be discussed was the metro project, from large to small. From payments, to the policy of adjusting the total investment. I hope that the Department of Transportation, with its responsibility, should have the responsibility of the apparatus, ie to appoint a deputy director for direct monitoring of the project and support to the MAUR. Do not let the project slow down, "asked Mr. Tuien

Ho Chi Minh Vice President Ho Chi Minh National Committee Tran Vinh Tuien also noted that the Ministry of Transport must keep up with the implementation situation and not make mistakes such as the recent revision of the diaphragm wall, the implementation process is not tight.

Police clarify the case; Saigon membrane membrane - 2

Metro line number 1 is under construction. Recently, MAUR has adapted the design of the metro-membrane wall of packaging 1a from 2m to 1.5m

"MAUR implemented the diaphragm setting. No one concluded that this was not certain, no one concluded that it was true or false, but clearly in terms of procedures and procedures, it must be reported to the National Committee of the HCMC. Such stories must not happen. If there is close coordination between the Department of Transportation and the MAUR, there will be no unfortunate incident mentioned above. The police went in, HCM Citi inspector also took part. Experience this deep. The transport department must be very proactive, without waiting for the HCM City Council to direct, the MAUR seeks help. It is a shared responsibility, "Tuien stressed.

Police clarify the case; Saigon membrane membrane - 3

Deputy Director of Traffic (left) received the leadership of the HCMC People's Committee

Ho Chi Minh Board members also suggested that bridge-design projects should change the design of the traffic department, and should receive the opinion of the Transport Council as a critical channel with objective opinions.

"Absolutely not allow the original things to be done by several thousand billion projects, the Ho Chi Minh City Council passed, the Permanent Committee of the Party Committee said through the experts' comments to see the bridge in order to reduce the attitude of the client. In fact, only a few tens of households but the capital was raised to 2,500 billion dinars, the HCM City People's Committee could not say so easily. We also need to think that the city has another inefficient project. It must promote and use the knowledge and experience of experts and if I miss, spr man wanted to correct them, "he said tuien.

Metro line no. 1 in Ho Chi Minh City: Where is the wall cut and 1.5m?

Not through professional management agencies, the leaders of the City Board of Railway approved a reduction …

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