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Staff headquarters, Bach Dat An, decided to take Hoang Nhat Nam to the Urban court


After hundreds of people continued to harass the headquarters of the Bach Dat A and Hoang Nhat Nam Real Estate Service (Hoang Nhat Nam) in the afternoon of March 15, the leaders of the two companies met at the headquarters of Bach Dat An ( Dien Ban, Kuang Nam) for exchange.

The work was witnessed by hundreds of people.

The residence of the residents, Bach Dat An, decided to drag Hoang Nhat Nam to court - photo 1
Nguien Duc Tam, Chairman of the Hoang Nhat Nam Real Estate Services Association at the meeting. Photo: TAN VIET

Based on where to sell the land?

At the beginning of the meeting, Nguien Duc Tam, President Hoang Nhat Nam, expressed his desire to work with Bach Dat to implement a contract between the two sides to get a red book for people in three urban projects. Marketing Hera, Expansion 7B – Sakura and Eco (together in Dien Ban town).

However, Mr. Le Kim Hung, the legal representative of Bach Dat An, strongly suggested that Mr. Tam explain that Hoang Nhat Nam did not make a mistake. Mr. Hung also asked Mr. Tham as the director of the company to directly respond and not authorize his subordinates.

After that, Mr. Hung said: "The contract number 7B has not yet published the number of plots for sale, according to the addition of Article 1.1. Did not sell party numbers? I do not know how much he sold. Where the list is taken, the base is where to sell it. Where's Hera's power of attorney? ".

According to Mr. Hunga, Hoang Nhat Nam has made a mistake both in the implementation of the contract and in the conduct of business. "He asked us to continue the contract, but we nevertheless accuse Bach Dat An of scams in court and authorities," Hung said.

The residence of the residents, Bach Dat An, decided to drag Hoang Nhat Nam to court - Figure 2
Le Kim Hung (standing), Legal Representative Bach Dat An. Photo: TAN VIET

Mr. Hung has confirmed that he no longer believes in Hoang Nhat Nam. Bach Dat delivered court records, and 282 billion VNDs also reported on what the police are using. But Hoang Nhat Nam did not give court enough documents and financial reports, deliberately on purpose.

"You submit all the documents for the court, do not hide them." The case lasted until today because the court sought people with related rights and obligations, but Hoang Nhat Nam did not provide it. He said he was protecting people, but I did not see Hera's list (client list – PV), and then protect people anywhere – said Mr. Hung.

People paid up to $ 557 billion to buy the country

According to Mr. Le Kim Hung, the above-mentioned projects are waiting for the Kuang Nam Province to approve a 1/2000 interconnection plan. All changes to the project are visible to people. "Ask Hoang Nhat Nam to add enough documents to the court. How much money he actually collected, it was in the contract," Mr. Hung insisted.

Mr Nguyen Duc Tam, a representative of Hoang Nhat Nam, took responsibility for leaving things to this day. "In the process of cooperation there are shortcomings, inexperience, disagreement, Hoang Nhat Nam has legal content that will only lead to mismatches between the two parties. We understand Bach Dat's anger," said Mr. Tam.

G. He also promised to supply full documentation to the authorities. However, he nevertheless expressed the desire to resume negotiations with Bach Dat Anom. "It's not that we avoid it, but in our thinking, we did not focus on going to court. Concerns that court proceedings affect negotiations. Concerned that the court will declare a contract to cancel the delivery of documents, the unit is always ready, "said Mr. Tam.

The residence of the residents, Bach Dat An, decided to withdraw Hoang Nhat Nam to court - photo 3
People surrounded the headquarters of Bach Dat on March 15th. Photo: TAN VIET

Leader Hoang Nhat Nam also announced financial information on the three projects. In particular, the total amount collected by customers is more than 557 billion VND. Hoang Nhat Nam was transferred to Bach Dat An more than 282 billion dong, he had to transfer over 153 billion dong and Hoang Nhat Nam kept that amount.

"The responsibility for working with clients is Hoang Nhat Nam. In the process of downtime, I hope Bach Dat A understands the company's difficulties because it is currently located between investors and customers. The difficulties of many clients in provinces and cities are needed by books. Hoang Nhat Nam is committed by many resources, good will, at any cost will try to satisfy customers. The two sides should sit together to make a red book, although it could be a little later, "said Mr. Tam.

However, Mr. Hung said that it is a good idea to express it or not. "Lo made a court case. If there is no land, go to book it. He promised to have a book that my project had not finished yet, but there was no book. Let's go to court, "said Mr. Hung.

Like PLO.VN Informed, inspector Kuang Nam Department of Construction said that the above three projects did not finish the synchronization of technical infrastructure, they did not fulfill the financial obligations to the land, so they are not eligible for acceptance and certification. land use rights and are not yet certified by the Construction Department as acceptable for the transfer of land use rights prescribed by the Government.

Therefore, the signing of a contract between Bach Dat An, Hoang Nhat Nam and customers is not acceptable by law. The case is dealt with by the People's Court of the Hai Chau District, Da Nang.

Representatives of buyers, g. Nguyen Kuang Son (who lives in the district of Lien Chieu, Da Nang) said that the work between Hoang Nhat Nam and Bach Dat was just a "game". Mr. Son also confirmed that the contract dispute between the two companies is reasonable. But thousands of clients have deposited money to buy land for hundreds of billions of VNDs, there is no reason to go to court, but two companies have to satisfy people. Mr. Son said that the buyers of the suspicious Bach Dat An and Hoang Nhat Nam shook hands to play, returned the country because the price of land increased many times in comparison to the time in 2017.

By the end of the afternoon of March 15, many people were still surrounded by the headquarters of Bach Dat.

Stop uploading 3 Bach Dat An projects that have complained
Stop uploading 3 Bach Dat An projects that have complained

(PLO) – Kuang Nam Construction Department Inspector said that three urban area projects (KDTs) that Bach Dat An in conjunction with Hoang Nhat Nam sold to customers are not eligible for transfer.

Hundreds of people
Hundreds of people "surrounded" a stationary company looking for red books during the night

(PLO) – In order to ensure order and security, the police had to be present all night.

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