Tuesday , November 24 2020

Thai newspaper: Elect Duc deli, Kiatisak returns to HAGL | Vietnamese football

List SiamSport confirmed that HAGL has signed a two-year contract with coach Kiatisak. The cost of this gathering, according to SiamSport That could be up to 19.2 million baht / 2 years (equivalent to 14.5 billion dong). Specifically, the salary for the Dream Team HAGL icon almost 20 years ago was 600 million VND per month (800,000 baht per month).

This can be seen as a special gift for HAGL fans for many years who live in anticipation and are always greeted with disappointment. With the help of what helped the Thai team dominate Southeast Asia a few years ago, Kiatisak is expected to help the HAGL transform from the 2021 V-League.

Thai newspaper: Voting Duc takes hand, Kiatisak returns to HAGL - photo 1

Vote Duc will be thrilled about Kiatisak again?

At the moment, HAGL are preparing quite carefully for the new season when they extend the contract of goalkeeper Buu Ngocu, signing a contract with goalkeeper Tuan Linh from Than Kuang Ninh and midfielder Huu Tuan from HCMC.
According to SiamSportOfficial information will be released by the HAGL in early December, before Kiatisak (possibly with his own assistant) overcomes quarantine to be in Vietnam in the middle of the month and return to the elected Duca.
Watching newcomers and domestic stars such as Cong Phuong, Tuan Anh, Xuan Truong, Van Toan, Van Thanh, Hong Dui …, people expect Kiatisak to help HAGL get out of the “fun stone”, but they return to bring joy to home fans who have been sad for many years.

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