Tuesday , November 24 2020

The deputy director of the Department has asked for medical leave "owed" to tens of billions of dong Companies

Nguien Mi Kuang, Director of the Department of Labor, Disability and Social Affairs in Binh Dinh, confirmed on May 30 Mr. T.H.A. – The deputy director of this department is still at the moment of taking a permit for treatment.

However, this application is sent to the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and the People's Committee of the Province of Binh Dinh and is not sent to the Agency. Accordingly, Mr. A. he began applying for a permit to enter Ho Chi Minh for treatment by the end of November 2018.

Also, during this period, the Department of Labor, Disabled People and Social Affairs in Binh Dinh has continuously received many petitions in which he is convicted. This led the creditors to ask the department leaders to intervene and encourage Mr A. to pay the debt.

"Personal debt between Mr. A. and their civilian relationship, department leaders can not intervene. We can only encourage and convince, but instead we can not repay debts," Kuang said.

In this regard, the exchange with PV, Mr. Lam Hai Giang – Director of the Department of Internal Affairs of Binh Dinh province also confirmed Mr. T.H.A. to apply for treatment. Time for Mr. A.'s departure It's a month.

To clarify this issue, the journalists were contacted several times by Mr. T.H.A. but his phone number is not available.

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