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The operations of "newborns" made VND 5.431 billion shares of Vinaconek shares


Four investors who participate in Vinaconek's share in SCIC include an individual, a newly established business, less than a week, a loss-making business and an efficient business deal.

Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNKS) announced the registration of a large-scale buyout of nearly 255 million units, equivalent to 57.71% of the share capital of the Vietnam Construction Corporation (Vinaconek – Ticker: VCG) owned by the State Capital Investment Corporation ( SCIC).

5431 companies buy vinery shares

The registered volume of 4 investors, including individual investors, Nguyen Van Dong (born 1980), Thua Thien-Hue Province and three other organizations including:

Star Invest Investment Limited was founded on 11 November 1818 (less than a week ago), 5th floor, Sentinel Place, 41A Li Thai To, Hanoi. The company has a chartered capital of 200 billion dong, represented by Mr. Dang The Anh Duc, General Manager. According to the introduction, the investment of Star Invest is a multi-purpose investment company with diverse business areas, mainly real estate, housing construction … the main field is still financial support and private investment.

The company said it is organizing sufficient funding for the tender plan for Vinaconek's shares to ensure a successful auction and payment of auction money on time.

The stock company Thang Long Infrastructure Investment TJC, established in June 2008, is located on the 5th floor of the building 57 Vu Trong Phung, Thanh Ksuan, Hanoi.

The contract capital of VND250 billion was held by three persons: Nguien Dui Dung (45%), Tran Duc Tho (45%) and Nguyen Viet Hung (10%). In FI 2017, the company reported net sales of 1.8 billion VND, but to 2.08 billion VND. Total assets as of 31.12.2017. The year is more than 257 billion.

The third shareholder of SCIC shares is An Kui Hung Co.. Ltd., located in the municipality of Truong Ien, Chuong Mi district, Hanoi. Founded in 2001, the company has a charter capital of 360 billion dong, which operates mainly in construction, irrigation and traffic.

The company is owned by two individual shareholders, Nguien Ksuan Dong (70%) and Do Thi Thanh (30%). In 2017, the company generated a net income of 956 billion dong, after a tax profit of 62 billion dong, total assets as of December 31, 2017. It has reached 1,000 billion.

Previously, SCIC announced an auction of 255 million shares Vinaconek at an initial price of 21,300 VND per share, equivalent to a minimum value of 5,431 billion VND. In addition, Viettel announced the auction of more than 94 million units of shares of Vinaconeka (which is 21.28% of the share in the charter), the same initial price, worth more than 2.000 billion.

List of two auctioned investors, including Trinh Can Chin Housing Development and Urban Planning Corporation, Trinh Van Chinh, son of Mayor Trinh Van Bo and Real Limited Liabiliti Compani Cuong Vu Estate, a new company founded on 11/2017.

In the second development, SCIC suddenly announced the reduction of Vinaconek's maximum foreign ownership by revising its business lines; Currently, shareholders include organizations and individuals who hold about 11% of Vinaconeka.

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