Friday , August 12 2022

The room was so quiet that nobody could stay in the last 45 minutes


A $ 1.5 million untouched room at Microsoft's headquarters is the world's finest place with the ability to suppress sound.

The room was so quiet that nobody could stay in the last 45 minutes

It is deeply located in Microsoft's residential complex Redmond in Washington, USA, is the darkest place on the planet, CNN reports. This record room is used by technology corporations to make all of the headphones perfectly clickable. However, Microsoft also admitted that the room is too quiet for most people and that no one can stay in for more than 45 minutes.

Few people who have visited the room have complained of all the confusion when breathing is suddenly stopped for the sound of vibrations in the ears and the sound of grunting from the stomach. "Some newcomers who enter in a minute want to get out. People can not stand it, it causes their minds in madness, it's deprivation," said Hundrai Gopal, chief technical engineer. Microsoft's human factor art, says.

According to Gopal, the longest record in the world's smallest room is Guinness's relatively short. "This is the faintest place on the planet. The longest time a person can stay in is 45 minutes," said Gopal. "The cost of building rooms alone is up to $ 1.5 million, which shows how serious we are in terms of sound quality."

With the name of "room without echo", this is a small room, each is only 6.36 m long. It's designed to be as quiet as possible, allowing engineers to adjust the audio device to the perfect level. The space consists of 6 concrete layers, each 30 cm thick, blocking all the sounds from the outside world. The walls, floors and rooms on the ceiling were covered with large glass sheets of fiberglass in order to suppress all clothes.

The room hung over 68 wet sources and lay on its floor separately from the rest of the building. Inside the room, the floor is made of steel fiber cables, which serve to stop the combatants when lowering them onto the carriers, placed as a mesh layer on the wedges beneath.

"The room can be sound insulated at 120 dB, so if the jet engine is outdoors, you can hardly hear it." We work with engineers on everything, from click to sound. "Laptops that fit in. These sounds are very important to us, we are obsessed with small details which other companies often overlook, we have 7 sound rooms in this building and 25 rooms across the company, "said Gopal.

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