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The three children of Song Gooka were thrown into the urine in France


The actor said he was angry when he was discriminated against because he was Asian.

The actor Song Il Gook recently shared with Nevsen the life of his family in France for over a year. He said that he had to undergo many difficulties due to cultural differences, even when he was cursed on the path of racism. "Once I took Daehan, Minguka and Mansea, some of them threw a bottle of urine on the kids. I was so angry that I harshly overwhelmed them," he said.

Although there are some problems, Song Il Kook was still pleased to bring three children to France. The learning environment is good, children have a condition to improve their foreign language, not under pressure because of their fame. He explained after the game Superman's coming back, Many people recognize three babies by accidentally causing unexpected things. "I think it's unnoticed better for your development," he said.

Three sons of Il Gook photographed before the Tower of Africa in Paris.

Three sons of Song Gooka photographed in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

* New Year wants to make fever from Daehan, Minguk and Manse

A trio of actors

But Il Gook was born in 1971 in a family with a famous political tradition in Korea. He joined the entertainment industry in 1998 and sounded a series Wrong way of life, Legend of Jumong, Marine god, Killer killer

In 2008, the actor married Jung Seung Ion – five years younger than him. She studied at the University of Justice in Seoul – the most prestigious school in Korea. Beauty also uses English, French, Chinese, Japanese and German. Their triplets were born in March 2012.

The song of the Il Gook family

The Song Gook family is happy with children.

In 2014, Daehan and Minguk, Manse have become a Korean phenomenon of entertainment when they took part in realizing shov Return of Superman (Superman returns). Funny looks, wonderful sayings, tricks and feelings for the three brothers make the audience laugh and touch. Not only are Korean fans "crazy", The trio also has a large base of fans in Asia. Fans on Vin Vietnam, China, Hong Kong … set Fanpage to follow every step of the angel's child.

Last year, Jung Seung Ieon went to France to study for a doctorate, and her husband and three sons were also escorted to France.

* Song Il Gook acted in "Joo Mong Legend"

Song Il Gook Performed in Joo Mong Legend & # 39;  t

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