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The village of the Faculty of Science is unique in Vietnam

Sunday, March 17, 2019 19:00 (GMT + 7)

With 36 feudal scholars studying feudalism, the village of Mo Trach has long been known as a unique scientific village in Vietnam …

Unique Scientific Village in Vietnam - 1

Stele awards recognition to 36 Confucian scientists from the village of Mo Trach

In 2008, the Vietnam Recording Council awarded the Vietnam Record Record to recognize the Dr Mo Trach village with the largest number of doctoral studies in the country from KSIV to the XIV century. This is also the homeland of many well-known writers such as: Vu Ngoc Phan, General Luong Kuoc Nguien Sin (whose real name is Vu Nguien Uncle), his hometown professor Vu Khieu …

He has a doctorate in the world of the earth

From the outside, the village of Mo Trach (now belongs to Tan Hong, Binh Giang Province, Hai Duong Province) does not differ much from other villages in the northern delta region. However, since ancient times, this place is known as a scientific village. The entire region of the eastern region (east of the ancient citangela Thang Long) continues to convey the words: "The village of Reading, the village of Nhu, the village of Chu" (the village of Chu is the old name of the village Mo Trach). pupils pass.

According to the legend, the village of Mo Trach (named Nom is the village of Cu Thuong), the village adored the famous Thanh Hoang, Wu Hon. Perhaps they are the largest family in Mo Trach with almost 90% of the population bearing this family name. Wu Hon, who was intelligent to China, was 16 years old when he passed the doctorate, sent by the king of the Tang dynasty to An Nam, and then sent to the ambassadors.

Since he is a master of astronomy – geography – feng shui, Wu Hon said that the whole Hai Duong region is an excellent meeting, the district Duong An is a grave school and Chu Thuong village is a grave; Maintaining the village as a place of origin will always advance towards the college table. Accordingly, Vu Hon joined the village with the original name Kha Mo Trang. Later, the Tran dynasty changed its name to Mo Trach, which means a country of admiration. Due to great merits, building a study tradition for descendants, the people of Mo Trach worship and respect Vu Vu as a village goddess, who is also the ancestor of the Vu family.

According to historical research materials, only from 1304 to 1754, in about 450 years, Mo Trach had 36 Confucian scientists, including 1 poinsettia and 11 royal palaces. The Vu family has an absolute majority with 9 royal armor and 20 doctors. And among those who passed this test, there were 1 minister, 4 meritorious officials, 14 ministers, 5 civil servants …

Prof. National Teacher Vu Minh Giang, Deputy Chairman of the Vietnam Association of Historical Sciences, Acting Chairman of the House of Wu – Wu Vietnam, commented: "Wo Hon highly appreciates the study, he wants to become Good people have to learn.He was the founder of the study tradition of this the famous scientific village.

Unique scientific village in Vietnam - 2

Mo Trach village gate, in front of the road called Doctorial Village Road

She wrote the village board of academic committees

The academic tradition of the village of Mo Trach extends over the feudal period as a long-standing circle to date. The opening of the "doctoral yellow plate" of the village of Mo Trach is the brothers and sisters Vu Nghieu Ta and Vuhan Bi. Two men passed the Thai students in the Year of the Dragon Armor (1304) under the reign of King Tran Anh Tong and were used seriously because of their high integrity and integrity. Their father was Dong Giang Hau, General Vu Vu (General Deputy Hoang Ton Tran Kuoc Bao) with the victory of Nguyen-Mong's victory in the Bach Dang battle, capturing two hostile generals, Ma Ma Nhi and Phan Thiep. Since then, Mo Tracha's scientific tradition has been enriched with dynasties in many dynasties, Vu Hui Dinh, Dr. Giap Tuat (1754) with a total of 36 doctors in the village of Mo Trach.

Since the village village, people from the Mo Trach River always attach great importance to the words and encourage their children and grandchildren to learn hard to avoid poverty, to respect their families and ancestors. It is a "guideline" for the village of Mo Trach to strive and teach the descendants of the study tradition, as well as the "continuous" words in the land of the east of these many talents. "

Prof. Dr Vu Minh Giang, Vice President of the Vietnam Association of Historical Sciences

Mr. Vu Kuoc Ai, a permanent member of the Governing Board of the village of Mo Trach, who is considered a "living history of the village," shared the following: "The Pyramid Examination (1656) under the rule of King Le Than Tong, the whole country has 3,000 people. 6 people to pass a doctorate, in which 3 people in the village of Mo Trach were very young aged 21-23: Vu Trac Lac, Vu Dang Long, Vu Cong Luong. Later, when examining the history of the exam, King Tu Duc knew the meaning words, he was good at a political school, and the pencil for merit and praise is "Mo Trach is the best seller in the lower world", ie h lf the Galaxy. "

Vu Dang Huong, a soldier from the village of Mo Trach, added: "Only Trinh Trinh, Mo Trach had 17 people who passed and worked as mandarins in court, so people had the saying:" Mo Trach meets in a mid-meeting villages. capital. "Not to mention the diploma of first-year students and high school.

The village of Mo Trach has many strange things that are strange, in many cases in a home with 3 PhDs, such as the Huu Thi Le Lai city that was in the state in 1505, was nephew of dr. Le Canh Tuan, which passed in 1381. Le Tu passed in 1511, the father of Dr. Le Kuang Bi, who passed in 1526, and his grandson, Dr. Le Cong Trieu, was adopted in 1659.

In addition, there are other "three great doctoral" families: Vu Bat Tui (Mr.), Vu Dui Guoc (father), Vu Dui Khuong (granddaughter) who both received a doctorate degree and became a mandarin under the rule of King Le Thanh Tong .

According to the book Dang Khoa Luka, when many people went to the village of Mo Trach, the court had suspicions, so he examined the examination secretly. The Hoi Hoi Testing Department at Vinh Tho (1659), the reign of King Le Than Tong, chose the judge to make a difficult question. The contestants had to sit in a deep hole to check, each cage had a separate cage, the judges sat on the tent to control it very carefully. When publishing the results, the village of Mo Trach had four doctors named after the name of the gold plate: Vu Cau Hoi, Vu Turn Hai, Vu Cong Dao and Le Cong Trieu; He made the king extremely surprised, admired and used.

The village of Mo Trach is also the site of the "buried" status flag of Hu Huien (which has only 10 chess plates to help the king win the North Earth Land playing chess chess tricks in the middle of the sun to show the water to the king through the sun rays. Huu (who calculates the construction of the Thang Long city door does not miss the brick, and is also the author of the book "Making the Laws", Status Vu Phong, Vu Cuong Truc Run Status and Status Word Le Nai (poinsettia).

In the past, all participants in the village who wanted to go to the city of Kin to take part in the exam had to register in the country book of the exam and they definitely had to pass the test in Ki Anh Kuan where the village was located. In this exam, people in the village will be responsible for examining and nurturing their children, so they have the capacity and quality before competing with the world. Thanks to the good tradition of education and hard work, people in Mo Trach took a brilliant golden table in court exams.

Unique scientific village in Vietnam - 3

The brewery honors the goddess Vu Vu and 36 doctors of the village Mo Trach

Continuation of tradition

Today, embracing the tradition of his father's inclination to learn along with the care, paying attention to the activities of encouraging learning in the village, of each family, but the generation of descendants Mo Trach is constantly striving for learning, he has succeeded.

Mr. Vu Kuoc Ai, deputy director of the Association for Stimulating Study in the village of Mo Trach, said: Every year, before each university and high school exam, the Mo Trach Village Association organizes a conference for recruiting students and inviting teachers. monks, doctors, masters, university lecturers, academics directly introduce, advise, exchange experiences in school selection and discipline for village parents and students.

"From 2010 to the present, although the village of Mo Trach has 3,200 inhabitants, there were more than 500 regular university graduates. The list of excellent students at the county and province level has also increased during the years of the village. From 1960 until today, the village has 11 doctors. The villages in the village, especially the Vu family, attach great importance to the learning of their children to take care of their studies and exams. The council was carved on the stelae in their church to be transferred to the next generation of descendants, "Ai said.

Every year, on the 8th day of the first lunar month, the birth of Duc Than, the god of the Honorable Village, as well as the Vietnamese ancestor of the Vu-Vo family, the branch for encouraging the village of Mo Trach and the Encouragement Committee, is celebrated at the festival. promotion of talents in the Vietnam family council of Wu – Wo to reward students and students with exceptional learning achievements in order to encourage and encourage younger generations to follow the study tradition, the science of his father 's science.

Due to the development of life and the instability of history, villagers Mo Trach, including some doctors, moved immigrants who lived and settled the work everywhere, from north to south. Later, the offspring of the descendants of the village of Mo Trach had many well-known people in all fields. Political: Former President of the Vo Chi Cong; General Vo Nguien Giap; General Nguien the son of the United Nations (real name is Vu Nguien Bac); Former member of Politburo Vu Oanh; First Minister of Education Vu Dinh Hoe; Former Deputy Prime Minister Vu Khoan …

In the field of culture and society, there are: professor, working hero Vu Khieu; Photographer Photographer Vo An Ninh; writer Vu Ngoc Phan …
Field of Science and Technology: prof. Vu Tuien Hoang; Dr. atomic physics Vu Khac Thinh; Prof. Vu Van Ha mathematics …
The economic sector has well-known entrepreneurs and giants such as: Vu Van Tien – President of the Gelekimco Group; Vu Kuang Hoi – President of Bitekko Group …

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