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To provide concrete qualifications for training health workers


In the morning of October 6, the Congress considered the revised Law on Higher Education. The representative of Le Thi Ien (Social Affairs Committee) highly appreciated the Draft Committee and verification body for serious comments. However, she said that regulations on qualifications and forms of higher education, including university, masters and doctors (point 1, article 6) are not suitable for the medical profession.

According to her, a special profession, human resources should provide professionalism, be selected for training, use, special treatment. In order to become a doctor, after 6 years of college, students must regularly study and update their knowledge in order to develop their careers. Unlike other Bachelor programs, during six years of study, non-learning students also need to practice and experience practical work in hospitals.

"The content of the training program is more complex, longer duration, specialist specialists, specialists 1, 2 or interns with a total duration of up to 9. Level, degree and degree are graduates, masters and doctoral students, while the degree of depth is not specified in the draft law," said is she.

Member of the National Assembly of Le Thi Ien, delegation of the People's Assembly of the province of Phu Tho in morning session 6/11. Photo: KH

Representative of the National Assembly Le Thi Ien spoke at morning session 6/11. Photo: Pres Center of the National Assembly

Ms. Ien analyzed that point 1, Article 6, is contrary to Article 73, because Article 73 determines the Government to ensure equality. Therefore, the government will be based on the legal basis for regulation. If Article 73 is assigned to the Government, the Drafting Committee recognizes that there is a degree of higher education that is not a graduate, master or doctorate degree.

"So, what training program for doctors, specialists, specialists 1, 2, is equivalent to a training program and a diploma," said Jen.

From the abovementioned analysis, Ms. Ien proposed to add point 1, Article 6 to the following: "The degree of higher education envisaged by this law shall encompass university, masters, doctoral and professional levels. The Government shall determine the level of specialization for multiple branches required by specialized and specialized teams. "

Meeting with the above opinion, deputy Vu Thi Nguiet said that it is necessary to adjust training of health human resources, because it is a special sector. In addition to 6 years of training, medical staff must study two or three years in two disciplines: academic research and specialization. In addition, medical staff must update their knowledge so that learning is a lifespan.

Representative Vu Thi Nguiet gave a speech at 6/10. Photo: KH

Representative Vu Thi Nguiet gave a speech at 6/10. Photo: Pres Center of the National Assembly

According to the female doctor of the hospital Hung Ien, stationary training will provide human resources in the medical sector, experts 1 and 2 are key personnel in the medical examination and treatment of the disease. . As a specialist 1, the account removes expertise and qualifications, while Article 39 of the 1998 Law on Education provides specialized degrees and specific guidelines. Health workers feel excluded from the general education system and do not know where they are, who recognizes them. "

Members are concerned that if they do not include this content in the law, it can happen 10 years for people like her to continue her journey to "find themselves lost by law". She suggested that Article 6, paragraph 1, envisages a level corresponding to a master, doctoral or specialist level in order to be suitable for the reality of the country.

According to Article 7 of Article 7 of the draft law, on the basis of capacities and requirements for socio-economic development, higher education institutions determine their development goals and orientations in terms of two types of educational institutions. university-oriented, or application oriented. With the fact that medical schools are trained and professionally trained, Ms. Nguiet is concerned that specialized health professionals will not know which group they will attend.

Earlier on October 27, Nguien Thi Kim Tien, the health minister, said health care must go with three legs, in which the third leg is human, financial, and grassroots. Infrastructure.

"On human resources, the National Assembly passed the Law on Higher Education, and I propose that I have a special training mechanism for the health sector. In order to obtain a certificate that works on exercises with an independent national council, they must study at least 2-3 years to practice, according to an international model, "Tien said.

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