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Tre Viet Bamboo Airvais is officially licensed to fly


This license was issued after a regular meeting of the Government on November 8 on the issuance of flight licenses to Bamboo Airvaisu, chaired by Prime Minister Nguyen Ksuan Phuc, with the participation of the units concerned: Transport Science and Technology, Planning and Investments, Construction, Judiciary, Natural Resources and Environment, finance, public security, information and communication, State Bank of Vietnam …

At this meeting, Prime Minister Bamboo Airvais approved the policy after considering the recommendations of the Ministry of Transport and High Consensus from representatives of ministries and sectors.

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Bamboo Airvais

Previously, the Ministry of Transport sent an official document to the Prime Minister to allow the Ministry to issue a license for Bamboo Airvais to KDVCHK, as after evaluation, Bamboo Airvais "Satisfied, satisfactory, meeting the capital requirements, flight plan for aircraft, organizational devices, business plans and product development strategies according to Regulation 92, in accordance with the regulations on the brand name of the airline under the Decree 30.

The Ministry of Transport also highly recommends Bamboo Airways's tourism development paths, including inter-regional routes linking Vietnam's destinations with other major cities. as in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, as well as with other countries in the region.

According to the Ministry of Transport, this orientation will create new products, new markets, improve the competitiveness of the market and increase the choice of passengers, in line with the airline business plan already Prime Minister's approval.

So far it can be said that Bamboo Airvais has completed two of the most important legal procedures for the official accession of aviation to Vietnam: a decision on the approval of an investment policy by the Government on July 9, 1818, and a KDVCHK permit issued by the Ministry of Transport on September 12th.

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Pictures of the first key officials of Bamboo Airvais

In addition to completing legal procedures, Bamboo Airvais has made a series of preparations for key management, in particular the appointment of Ms. Duong Thi Mai Hoa, a former Executive Director of ABBank and former Vingroup Group CEO, as vice-president and deputy general manager since the end of October 2018.

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Expected leaflet Bamboo Airvais

Bamboo Airvais has more than 1200 square feet of office space in the Diplomatic Corps on the streets of Vo Chi Cong Street, Hanoi and the southern office of Tan Son Nhat Airport Services (Sasco). The current staff is 1,000 people, representing 10% of the total staff of the FLC Group.

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Bamboo Airvais flies successfully

In the plane, the airline said that the first Airbus A319 A380 aircraft, Airbus A380, were ready to be available in Vietnam after completion of the final project and installation in the country. around that.

"We carried out a flight test." The results show that the aircraft fully meets the technical specifications, ready for commissioning, so that every final phase is basically prepared. The first flight scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year is over, "said Dang Tat Thang, director of Bamboo Airways.

According to Dang Tat Thang, with a hybrid model between traditional and affordable airline tickets and many unique tourism related services, Bamboo Airvais aims to build a standard five-star airline, contributing to the improvement of aviation services and meeting the growing demand in Vietnam – one of the fastest growing airlines in the world today.

It is expected that Bamboo Airvais will bring about 20 aircraft this year in Vietnam and 20-30 in 2019 before accepting new 8.8 billion-dollar contracts with Airbus and Boeing.

As planned, the airline will operate around 100 routes linked to all major cities and popular tourist destinations in Vietnam and internationally. It is expected that the first domestic routes will be Ha Noi – Kui Nhon, Hanoi – Dong Hoi, Ho Chi Minh – Kui Nhon, Ho Chi Minh – Ho Chi Minh – Van Don …

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