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What Can Tho Police say about Saigon's director's arrest arrested, beaten up?


What Can Tho Police say about Saigon's director's arrest arrested, beaten up? - Picture 1.

Recently, on a personal facebook page, Dang Kuoc Viet (director, guest lecturer Ho Chi Minh City Theater and Cinema, Ho Chi Minh City) asked for help for content contained in a group of people. Ninh Kieu police station investigation (Can Tho citi), beating.

According to the content, Mr. Viet told Ninh Kieu County to shoot pictures and choose the scene for the film on September 11th. He hired a taxi driver named Phan Trung Tinh (43 years old, lives in Can Tho) to move.

"When I went to the Kuang Trung bridge, a group of people were under pressure and after a long conflict they pushed me to the cuffs and led me to the police," Viet said.

In addition, the male director said the group had asked them to return to look for glasses for $ 600, $ 150 and $ 300, but they were not accepted.

Mr. Viet and his taxi drivers for engines were taken to the Public Security Bureau in Ninh Kieu. He said he was tormenting eight people, also hitting "narcotics possessing drugs".

What Can Tho Police say about Saigon's director's arrest arrested, beaten up? - Figure 2.

Преноси г. Vieta was published on his personal page.

In addition, Viet said he had heart disease, suggested that he be taken to a hospital for medical treatment, but that was not done. At around 12:30 the same day, Mr. Viet suffered a pain without breathing, and had to be brought to a hospital in a fox state. The state of the recurrence of heart disease has long been waiting, it is tired to go to the toilet, but it is not accepted by the urine, it is always in trousers.

"The doctors were ultrasound, blood test, urine test, pulmonary film, my lungs were hurt because they were beaten … 22h the same day I can not find evidence that they were following me in public safety Ksuan Khanh, my arm is still man, "said Viet.

In the morning of 10/11, the Ksuan Khanh Department police made a record on the temporary use of a three-handed stick. Mr. Viet said he was released after the test showed he was not positive for the drug.

He said that the current medical scarcity, chest pain from hitting hospital treatment in several injuries.

What Can Tho Police say about Saigon's director's arrest arrested, beaten up? - Figure 3.

The amount of marijuana that has been seized from the motor taxi driver.

Speaking to reporters in the morning of 13/11, district police officers Ninh Kieu said the incident reported to the TP police. This information, at noon of 9/11, a police patrol worker on the Kuang Trung bridge, was later discovered by Mr. Phan Trung suspected of banned substances that were immediately tested.

"When the Tinha was checked by the working group, Viet sat in the back of the car, and this situation was not so bad that he suddenly jumped out of the car, even held a tricycle. You are forced to continue, hold him to check for clarification.

He also did not say that he is a university lecturer, a member of the Cinema Association in Vietnam. When we arrived at the office, we asked for a photo bag of Mr. Viet to find the membership card of the Vietnam Film Association.

For Mr. Tinch, we have enough evidence to confirm that he has kept a dry marijuana, "he said.

The hospital is currently testing to determine whether it is a positive or negative drug.

Police Police Ninh Kieu said she continues to clarify the news.

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