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When a student is considered "criminal" because … bad points


Stigmatized because of bad spots

Ms. N.T.Nh., is in grade 6 in a small high school located in district 1, in Ho Chi Minh City. "Fall" in school, but her mother studied with a very tender mind, I read, went into experience, and did not "plowed" to achieve a high score.

At one point, an English test for her son was 6.5 points. She also understands the reason why she is subjective, especially the last time parents in exchange for a teacher asked for difficult questions about school, a whole class of good kids. Ms. Nh. not too hard a heart, mother and daughter are still happy, let me get my experience.

But things are not that simple. The average number of points of 6.5 – even a one-time test is common – some members of the Parents Association with the teacher have considered, because in the past there was no case. , affect the overall merits of the class. And the teacher always told me that.

Ms. Nh. Since November 20, near the weekend, the children have several free days, planned to play the game, but after the incident she refused to go and talk at home to prepare for the semester. Just because of 6.5, you need to be stressed.

"In schools, parents are very aggressive in hindering school and teacher work, from contributions to educating children," Nh said. expressed.

Recall the poor human behavior of poor students who were enrolled in Binh High School (District 2, HCMC) as a teaching tool for school administrators and teachers. When a student has poor grades, the school will call, remind students before all students and teachers during the hour of the flag. The violation did not stop, the school also forced the children to check in the middle of the hour of the flag.

There were many incidents of teachers in schools that violate, sanction, humiliate students because they have poor grades, slow writing, not exactly, can not answer the question … This is harmful. the value, the meaning of education, and the role of teachers in managing students.

Homelessness from home

Not only the pressure of a school, teacher, students also face the fear of parents when the result is bad. In some cases, pupils kneel down to ask the teacher to correct the point if the parents are not beaten, punishment, children … the parents are taken away. Many children have completed exams do not dare to leave home because they can not confront their parents.

Parents, due to point 7 of children who need to be examined by the head office, have been further questioned because they did not accept this point. The result did not change, she turned to the chickens, cursed the child "humiliating parents" in front of teachers, people.

Parents in Ho Chi Minh were following the list of children in the race up to the 6th grade of Tran Dai Nghia High School in Ho Chi Minh City.

Parents in Ho Chi Minh were following the list of children in the race up to the 6th grade of Tran Dai Nghia High School in Ho Chi Minh City.

From school to family, circles of "siege" of students. The story of students learning mental illness, psychiatric hospitalization in the season … is also mentioned every year.

Some people go through the school to realize that three high or low points do not decide on the destiny, career of each person. Sometimes it is also a memory, memorable memories of school. But how adults will behave towards their results will affect the psychology of each child. And this is the leading factor that makes the steps, the school vision of the school becomes more difficult, persecuted.

Head of Gymnasium in Binh Tan, Ho Chi Minh, said that under pressure and examination, as it is now, it's ridiculous to say, "Every day to school is a happy day." The assessment of each student is about learning, questioning, so they do not have many opportunities to express themselves, to study very stressful, upset. When the school does not achieve satisfactory results, it will easily be disappointed, depressed and worthless.

However, he emphasized the behavior of every teacher, each parent on the result, the achievement of the child is extremely important. It can "take off" children or help them in self-confidence in many other areas.


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