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Many issues related to the MNP have been resolved by the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC), the Department of Telecommunications, at the press conference on the deployment of MNP by the Ministry of Information and Communications Organization, afternoon on 13.11.2013.

Why not apply to prepaid subscribers?

According to the Department of Telecommunications, the plan for deploying digital roaming services will be available throughout the country, according to which Viettel, VinaPhone and MobiFone will postpay postpaid subscribers from 16/11/2018.

According to the Telecommunications Department, the fixed telephony network is deployed in the context where mobile operators provide services to more than 120 million subscribers, so it has to take steps to ensure that there are no negative impacts. to the operation of the entire telecommunication network.

Therefore, the Telecommunications and Mobile Enterprises Department agreed on the deployment of services for postpaid subscribers, with a percentage of around 5%, in order to assess the impact of services on the market in a timely manner. Measures for removing the negative impact, if any, prior to deployment to a large extent.

Instead of after three months of deploying the MNP for prepaid subscribers, will be applied for a postpaid, at a press conference from January 1, 1919, the telecommunications department says Viettel, VinaPhone, MobiFone and Vietnammobile will provide network services for prepaid and postpaid subscribers.

According to Deputy Minister Pham Hong Hai, the services of continuous transfer of numbers bring benefits to telecommunications, telecommunications and mobile subscribers and fulfill the regulator's regulatory requirements. country.

"If you want to go into the network, you just have to work with that network provider to work before you pay," said Hai.

Transfer fee: 60 thousand dong

As a rule, the network transmission is stored within 2 days for individual subscribers and 3 days from the moment when the subscriber reaches the place of entry of the network operator to perform the procedure. The interruption of the service in transition is max. One hour. However, according to the director of the Telecommunications Department, the situation has only been interrupted in a few seconds.

In addition, subscribers from switching to a new operator's service will be able to continue switching to other business services after 90 days. The issue of regulation, according to the head of the Telecommunications Department, will be applied in accordance with Circular 35/2017 issued by the Ministry of Information and Communications.

Regarding fees for switching to the network, considered as additional services and services, the fees for switching to the network are issued by enterprises.

Deputy Minister Pham Hong Hai said that during the deployment, the ministry met several times with the operators and directives of the ministry for carriers to a maximum of 60,000 VND per transfer. This fee includes all fees for the conversion and transfer of SIM to a new operator, the user does not have to pay extra money. However, according to Deputy Minister Hai, this is the direction of the Ministry, and the operators will issue certain tariffs.

At a press conference, representatives of Viettel and MobiFone said that the company adjusted the price of a network of 60 thousand towards the Ministry of Information and Communications. In the meantime, VinaPhone will announce the official operator rate on November 15th and based on the instructions from the Ministry, and it is expected that it will not exceed 60,000.

According to the carriers, at the rates mentioned above, users have replaced networks almost without charge, including a new SIM card.

"The main purpose of this move is not attracting subscribers, but as opportunities and motivations for mobile companies to increase their competitiveness by network operators must improve quality, invest in infrastructure, customer care, more customer satisfaction" representatives of many display networks.

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