Friday , August 12 2022

Winning the road, a man was killed in the Order offshore bus


In the afternoon of the 15th of March, the man who controlled the motorcycle brought the traffic slab 59D1-362.33 at Ha Hui Giap Street in the direction of Binh Duong to Ho Chi Minh Province.

When approaching the junction with Thanh Ksuan 48 (Thanh Ksuan vard, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City), the man was choking because he found a four-seater car from the alley that stands out.

Winning the road, the man was killed by a bus - photo 1
The accident occurred in District 12 in the afternoon of March 15, causing traffic through an overloaded area. Photo: HT.

Due to a sudden slowdown, the man fell on the road and taken to the maritime bus number 51B-217.36 to make the victim die on the spot.

On the spot, the body of a man lying beside the car in front of the car, next to him, was a bus. The accident caused traffic through the area of ​​prolonged congestion.

Winning the road, a man was killed by a bus - picture 2
A motorcycle driving a man fell on the road after a sudden braking, causing the victim to die from the bus. Photo: HT.

Local functional forces were able to quickly regulate traffic and investigate the case. Until 18:00 the same day, the site of the accident is still being processed.

Through an examination of the victim, the authorities found some identification documents under the name Le Hoai Linh, the village of Binh Dinh.

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