Thursday , February 9 2023

Cassava Smartech is the initial way to go


Countries, Agriculture, Water, Climate and Rural Displacement The ministry says it is very supportive of technological innovations that aim to develop agricultural productivity.

This follows the progress made by Cassava Smartech, EcoFarmer, to digitally improve agriculture advocacy through a mobile platform, which represents a platform for a one-stop solution for agriculture, location-specific weather fixes, prices for weekly agricultural products on the market, and financial services.

Last Friday, Kasava Smartech, which will soon be listed on the Zimbabwe stock exchange, held the first of its kind EcoFarmer Ekspo at the Murehva Center, 90 km northeast of Harare.

More than 3,500 farmers, government officials, agricultural input suppliers and agricultural officials attended the exhibitions on the topic "Taking agricultural products to the next level".

Officials from NGOs and senior executives from Econet and Kasava Smartech were also present.

Addressing guests on behalf of Minister of Agriculture Peranç Siri, an official from the eastern province of agriculture and livestock breeding in Mashonaland, Leonard Munamati said that Information Communication Technology (ICT) is an important guide for improving agriculture.

He praised Cassava Smartech to take the lead in using the technology to support the agricultural community and encourage the agricultural product.

"My ministry recognizes the potential of ICT and innovation as a powerful tool for transforming agriculture in Zimbabwe," Minister Shiri said.

He said his ministry fully supported the transformation of agriculture "from low productivity, agriculture to nostrification into modernized agricultural technology that guarantees increased productivity, national food safety and profitability for farmers."

Speaking at the same event, CEO of Econet Wireless Zimbabwe g. Douglas Mboveni said Econet and Kasava were grateful to God for the company's ability to innovate and invent solutions that address people's problems, as demonstrated by EcoFarmer.

"EcoFarmer connects you with a rich array of agricultural resources and information, and also provides access to experts in the field of agriculture," Mboveni said.

He thanked the thousands of farmers who attended the event, some of whom exhibited crops and cattle at the Era, praising them at the speed of adopting new technologies to improve their livelihoods and lives.

He also expressed his gratitude to the government and policy makers to support the Cavaav initiative to exploit technologies to encourage agricultural production and help transform the lives of small farmers.

Deputy Minister of Information Communication and Courier Services, dr. Dr J Musvere, speaking at the same event, praised the Econet Group to take the lead role in using ICT to influence the economy in the field of agriculture and agriculture, reiterating that its ministry supports the use of information communication technologies for economic empowerment and transformation of life.

EcoFarmer service, which can boast more than a million registered agricultural producers all over the country, offers farmers a unique value of a package of services that can be easily accessed via a mobile phone. The services include access to the trading platform, weather forecasts and a transactional ATM card supported by ZimSvitch, which is linked to the EcoCash eco wallet.

Farmers at EcoFarmer Club enjoy discounted prices with approved partners to introduce partners across the country.

Econet recently announced plans to spin off and separately listed Cassava Smartech in a move that market observers believe to represent a strategic separation of the division that should unlock the value of shareholders and increase the focus of management on the growing brands in the stabilization of Kasava, which includes EcoCash, EcoSure, EcoFarmer and Stevard Bank, among others.


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