Sunday , April 2 2023

Domino's MI, taking the lead in Blizzard Entertainment, promotes pizzas


Domino pizza Malaysia jumped to a party around the Blizzard Entertainment annual game convention, BlizzCon, and Diablo video games to promote their pizzas.

During the recent BlizzCon, Blizzard Entertainment introduced its new game Diablo: Immortal which is allegedly taking place during the event Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction and start Diablo 3. From the Diablo 3 was published in 2012, a fan in a red shirt set during the K & A session if Diablo: Immortal was "an extraordinary joke of the April joke," drawing fans and whistles from the crowd.

His newest Facebook was scored by a man who was eyewitness in a red shirt standing in front of a microphone, with three characters of video games in the background. The picture said "This is not a joke off the April joke season. You'll get a cashier's suitcase when you buy our pizzas!". The note added that there are no "diabolic plans", and Domino Malaysia wants to help consumers reach their gaming experience with the Good Game combination.

"Order here to quickly ask for your items before DIA BLOV goes in the twin," Domino added, referring to the latest sound about Blizzard Entertainment.

The Post collected about 366 reactions, 63 comments 122 actions. Netizens' reactions were mostly positive, many called "game" and that advertising was done correctly. A + M he contributed to Domino for comment.

This is not the first time Domino has successfully jumped to select social media. Last month, Domino caused dialing among the inexperienced by parodying Malaysia's social media influence with Neelofa to promote its extra large pizza. The actress has set a picture of her in a wide-shot hat with a drink in her hand and a sun in the background. Inspired by Neelofe, Domino and its digital agencies. 16This has posted a picture of a lady with a pizza on her head and a bottle of Pepsi in her hand, together with a sunset in the background.

Senior Vice President of Marketing, Linda Hassan A + M then this speed is essential for Domino when it develops its social media, given the dynamic trends and viral themes on the Internet. She added that she constantly decided to be an active player in engaging with our customers and to be among the first to be part of the main topic of conversation.

"Trend detection is a ongoing effort and a special team is needed to creatively identify and react to be part of the engagement with the audience," she added.

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