Thursday , August 11 2022

New York judge bans dozens of non-vaccinated students to attend classes – BGR


Parents of unvaccinated children in New York were forced to rethink their decision to raise public health practice this week when the judge forbade fifty children to attend Green Mead's Valdorf School. The private school is located in the Rockland district of New York, which CBS Nevs Reports have already published 146 confirmed cases of measles only this year.

The decision, issued by the federal judge, will prevent 50 students from attending school for at least three weeks. The decision concerned a court ban on several parents of unvaccinated children who wanted their children to return to school. Needless to say that things did not go their own way.

"The prosecutors did not show that the public interest strives in favor of approving a court ban," said Judge of the US District Court Vincent Briccetti during his explanation of the verdict.

Parents – who did not provide their children with a vaccine against measles preventing disease in 97% of people – were not happy with the judge's judgment.

"Preventing my child from being with his class, his teacher, his classroom, had a significant social and psychological impact," said one parent Journal Nevs. "He is confused, considering his youth, about why he is not allowed in his campus."

There are several countries that allow parents to give up vaccinations based on different beliefs, but the debate or whether the measles vaccine has been operating for a long time. It worked, and at one point the measles were declared completely eradicated in the United States.

Unfortunately, the erroneous "long-delayed" study has provoked a debate over whether the vaccine is responsible for autism, among other things. Subsequent research has proven that these ideas are false, and although there is a small chance that an individual may have a negative reaction to any type of vaccine, most of the anti-vaxer arguments are based on poor or nonexistent science.

In the upcoming period, it will not be surprising to see more decisions like New York public health officials and the authorities are doing everything they can to stop the spread of a disease that was once eliminated in the country.

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