Wednesday , August 10 2022

Punisher’s Jon Bernthal responds to those rumors about MCU about Volverine


Many fans Punisher they still feel like Jon Bernthal was running like malicious gun also known as Frank Castle tragically shortened when the series was canceled on Netflick after two seasons, back in February 2019. Although Bernthal still sounds like he’s ready to return to Castle’s bloody boots, many Marvel fans seem to want to borrow their talents very differently, yet rudely hero: Wolverine. Now Punisher the star responded to those rumors about MCU Wolverine.

Marvel fans were chewing on the bit to to tie someone up Wolverine’s adamantium claws again since Hugh Jackman gave his 17-year tenure in the role sharp farewell with Logan in 2017. But with the fact that X-Men can now appear in MCU, the time is ripe for re-broadcasting, and many people really want to see how Jon Bernthal will take over. During the interview with Forbes, Bernthal was asked about the possible play of Wolverine, and said:

Look, the criteria by which I decide to some extent what I will do next are: Does the script move me? Who do I work with? Who is the filmmaker and is this someone I want to work with? I will keep that progress no matter what.

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