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Scandal Lori Loughlin on admission to college "is not surprising," says IouTuber classmate Olivia Jade

Oliva Jade with her mother and actress Fuller House Lori Loughlin (Picture: Rek)

Former friend of daughter Lori Loughlin, Olivia Jade, said the scandal for admission to college was far from "surprising."

IouTuber Harlow Brooks, which has over 35,000 subscribers, says in its latest video that the whole situation was "crazy", but claimed that the culture of their high school made it easier for her to believe and realize it was true.

Video comments come shortly after 19-year-old Olivia Jade, also Ioutuber, appeared on her channel and said she was "literally never in high school" in a single video clip on her YouTube channel.

The video was released a few months before her mother was accused of alleged involvement in a bribe.

Harlow introduced her video, saying: "In fact, I went to school with Olivia Jade and I knew where the school was and I thought I would sit here and share some tea with you today"

She added: "When the whole scandal with cheating appeared, I will not say that I was surprised because we are in this world."

Harlow explained that their school was filled with so many extra-curricular activities, that other students were shocked. Oliva had plenty of time to "travel and use iouTube" and still get her entrance to the prestigious USC (Universiti of Southern California).

Harlow Brooks said she was not "surprised" by the scandal at college (Picture: IouTube / Harlow)

She said: "Going back to Olivia Jade, I do not know what her grades are, but given that I'm a person who loves school and really works well at school … I could not stand the job."

Lori and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, are accused of paying $ 500,000 (370,000 pounds) to have their daughters Olivia and Isabella named as members of the USC Rowing Team, which is allegedly not true.

Harlow claimed that the daughter of Fuller House actress "was definitely not in the rowing team".

She concluded: In the mouth she gives you sour taste. I do not know, everybody. These are just my thoughts from a sort of insider perspective. You all have the full right to your own opinion.

Olivia Jade, who has nearly two million people, announced her final day in high school, in 2018, to document a higher year in her class.

"I'm, like, excited to go … I'm doing a school joke," she said. "But I'm literally never at school to think my class is not even – and maybe they forget to go there!"

She quickly added: "I'm just kidding!"

The news comes a few days after the star of IouTube confronted the reaction because she admitted she "did not care about college," adding that she was more concerned about the fun and days of the games.

The teenager said: "I will attend college and I will still be working on YouTube.

I live in a dormitory with a roommate. In the first week of school I go to work in Fiji, and I will be in New York [of times] this year for a job.

"I do not know how much I will attend school, but I will go and talk to my deans and everyone, and I hope that I can try to balance everything.

"But I want experience like playing days, parties … I do not care about school just like you all know."

Lori is one of 40 influential figures, including the star Desperate Housevives Felicity Huffman, who is accused of paying up to $ 6 million (£ 4.5 million).

Payments were used for school children, including Iale, Stanford, Georgetown, and USC.

Loughlin and her husband, Giannulli, reportedly agreed to pay a bribe totaling $ 500,000 (£ 376,000) to get two daughters in the USC crew team – reports that although they did not participate in the sport, it might be " facilitated their admission "the college.

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Loughlin later surrendered to the authorities and set up a $ 1 million release bond.

In the meantime, the actress was thrown out of Hallmark as well as Fuller House, and Olivia was dropped from the Sephoor brands.

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Olivia's daughter, Lori Loughlin, claims that her father faked her way through college

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