Tuesday , November 24 2020

Sergio Romo donates tequila to Bruce Bochi

MIAMI – This week marks an unforgettable meeting between Marlins reliever Sergia Roma and manager Giants Bruce Bochia.
Romo, who played nine seasons with the Giants from 2008-16, met an opponents team bus before opening on Marlins Park on Tuesday and spent almost an hour at the visiting club

MIAMI – This week marked an unforgettable gathering between the Marlins reliever Sergio Romo and Giants's manager Bruce Bochi.

Romo, who played nine seasons with Giants from 2008-16, met an opponents team before opening in Marlins Park on Tuesday and spent almost an hour at a visiting club to catch up with former colleagues. He also made a retired Bochio gift: a bottle running from Don Giulio in 1942.

"I went there before [Tuesday’s] – said Romo on Wednesday. "I went there and said," What's up? " I had a gift for him. I gave him a sign of gratitude for the faith and trust he had in me all these years. I feel that I can count how many people have a chance in my life on two hands, and he's on it. He's one of those fingers.

The 36-year-old right-hander has accumulated his 11th savings from 2019-1 120th career – on Wednesday 4-2 Marlins' victory over the Giants. Romo won three World Series titles with San Francisco in # 10, # 12 and # 14, closing three games '12.

"I talked to him, he came in. I had a nice conversation with him," Bochi said on Tuesday. "It was wonderful to see him. He is happy to still feel good. I will never forget what he did for us in retirement and the good times we had."

Friendli foes
Before the game on Thursday, Giants attacked Donovan Solano he united with his compatriots on the Marlin hunters Jorge Alfaro, outfielder Harold Ramirez and right hand Tairon Guerrero.

This season, Miami became the first team of three Colombians in their active list.

"Right now, we might make history with four in one game," Solano said. "We grew up and challenged everything, and we can see more Colombian talent in big leagues, I see that talent grows and the development system is better." I am so happy about it. "

Solana, former Marlin, played against Alfaro and Ramirez in the Winter Ball, and played with Guerrero and Alfaro in the last World Baseball Classic.

"We play against each other, we are friends outside this game, out of the field," said Alfaro. "You still respect this in the field. It represents our country here."

Duggar rests
Steven Duggar was available, but did not start the finals on Thursday. Bochi said it was a planned break for the outfielder, who dived Estarlin De Los Santosis triple to the center in the eighth round Wednesday.

"It was not great for me when I landed, but I feel good," Duggar said afterwards.

It's not worth anything
The Giants have selected Levi Williams Jerez Triple-A Sacramento as the matching list for the fourth-seeded Tiler Beede.

Christina De Nicola is a reporter and producer of MLB.com based games in Miami. Follow her on Twitter @ CDeNicola13.

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