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Spice Girls raises more tour in their first reunification interviews


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Media captionSpice Girls tell Chris Evans why they are reuniting for a new tour

The Associated Spice Girls have indicated that more dates will be added to the six British dates announced this week.

"Say lying, pants!" Melanie Brovn noted at Heart FM when it was mentioned that their tour will be on only six concerts.

And on BBC Radio 2 earlier she said, "No, it's not!" when Chris Evans said the group Vemblei Stadium on June 15 would be their last performance.

Gary Horner suggested that she may have more dates "if Mel B acts alone".

Spice Girls – minus Victoria Beckham – announced Monday the start of six days of the stadium in the UK.

The tour will start in Manchester on June 1 and will take them to Cooventura, Sunderland, Edinburgh and Bristol before the Vembley date.

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Speculation increases that more dates will be added when tickets open on Saturday at 10:30 GMT.

However, the band did not respond to Evans's claim that he "knew about the fact that you put several stadiums on hold".

It was also suggested that the band could perform at the Glastonbury Festival next year, although Melanie Chisholm – Sport Spice – said there were no "plans"

"We should," shattered to the rude Mel Mel B.

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Media captionWhat do people really think about publishing Spice Girls going on tour?

During their appearance on Wednesday, the girls confirmed that it was Mel B, which was the driving force behind the gathering.

"I've always said that we will come back together," Evans said. "I dreamed about it regularly.

"This is not my business, this is my life and my girls. I would not be here without my girls."

Mel C said she initially opposed the group's reform, but ultimately yielded.

"I used to be certain I was not doing it," she admits. "But you only feel differently as time passes."

Speaking of the heart, she admitted that it was "difficult" to progress without Beckham, who said she would not participate because of "business obligations".

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The united band gave their first radio interviews on Wednesday

"It was obviously and still a huge part of the band," said Mel C band Emmi Bunton, who together with Jamie Teakstone's play represents the performance of the station.

"We support and support us."

"She joins us at Wembley," explains Mel B, apparently joking.

Traffic delays meant that Bunton and Theakston had to extend their performance besides their usual conclusion at 9 am to talk to the group.

On Radio 2, Horner is worried about his band from his romance with Evans at the end of the nineties. "I knew you would bring it," she said.

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Victoria Beckham, in the picture with her husband, David, will not join the girls on the tour

During the 1990s, Spice Girls released three studio albums, 13 singles and a feature film.

The group was originally divided in 2000 after performing for two years as four without Gary. They all returned to a 2007 gathering tour and a performance at the 2012 Olympics closing ceremony in London.

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