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Verizon 5G signals changes to the store


The first time for the Midwest: Verizon announced this week (March 13th) that it will launch its 5G network in Chicago and Minneapolis on April 11th. The announcement of the mobile network operator serves as the latest demonstration of 5G coming and that vendors and payment Service Providers should be ready to work in the world of 5G.

It's probably too much to say that 2019 will be the year of 5G – the sales and usage cases, especially in retail and payments, are unlikely to reach the critical mass this year – but Verizon's announcement shows that the main activity is in progress.

"Verizon launched the first commercial 5G Ultra Videband network in the world in October 2018 with the launch of 5G Home Broadband Internet Services in Houston, Los Angeles, Sacramento and Indianapolis," the company said. The upcoming launch in the Midwest – in one city that is considered the capital city of the region, and in another, a rising destination for young professionals, digitally oriented, including those with a price on the housing market in Chicago – represent a significant advance for new mobile network technologies.

5G Potential

A look at the future of 5G recently arrived with Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The annual gathering, which ended on March 1, represented 5G as one of the main themes, perhaps best expressed by Jonathan Davidson, Cisco Systems's wireless executive director. According to New York Times and other reports, he said during the meeting that "5G is ready for impact time and enables new applications in extended real, health and industrial factories."

As an example, the "message consensus" that appeared at the conference looked like "with the world of artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud computing, the momentum behind the 5G is almost irresistible," the second report of the conference said.

Mickei (Hiroshi) Mikitani, General Manager of Japan's Rakuten, told conference participants "we are building the first end-to-end, fully virtualized, 5G cloud-based network. New services can be used in a very user-friendly way. We do not have specialized hardware. Everything is software and virtualized and placed in the cloud. "

In other news, at CES in Las Vegas in January, companies showed potential cases of use of 5G. "For example, Verizon is partnering with Walt Disnei's StudioLab to explore how next-generation connectivity can improve Disney's production and content transfer," he read a single account. "In the meantime, Skiveard President Mariah Scott said Verizon is committed to being the first to connect millions of flights with drones in its 5G network."

Verizon's 5G Play

This, of course, is a big picture – the great ideals that payment and trade players point out through the new 5G mobile network technology.

More specifically, the upcoming introduction of Verizon 5G in Chicago and Minneapolis is, according to one report, the development of the company's "first 5G network based on standards". As this report explained, "Last year, Verizon launched a 5G service in the property ownership home. The launch of 5G in Chicago, Minneapolis and possibly in other cities is different, and is based on standards developed by 3GPP. The two 5G networks are not compatible, which means that the owners of the 5G phone will not be able to use it in the 5G home network. "

According to Verizon, "5G Ultra Videband technology uses new radio technology and new hardware devices to provide advanced capabilities to consumers and businesses. When customers move beyond the Verizon's 5G Ultra Videband coverage area, the 5G moto mode automatically and seamlessly transmits a signal to Verizon's 4G LTE network. "

According to PIMNTS, Verizon plans to bring its 5G technology to 30 US cities by the end of 2019. T-Mobile also said it plans to launch 5G in 30 cities. As for AT & T, it allegedly launched a 5G service in these cities: Houston, Texas; Dallas, Tekas; Atlanta, TX; Vaco, Tekas; Charlotte, North Carolina; Raleigh, North Carolina; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Jacksonville, Florida; Louisville, Kentucky; New Orleans, Louisiana; Indianapolis, Indiana, and San Antonio, Texas.

The new mobile network technology known as 5G will offer sellers and marketers the ability to send more resolution video to consumers – "viral videos" are part of consumer culture these days, and images are almost always working to increase shopping and consumption. PIMNTS turned up. The video, in fact, accounts for half of AT & T's mobile traffic, such as Mo Katibeh, marketing director for AT & T Business, told reporters, adding that video traffic over the network has grown 75 percent over the past year.

Verizon's announcement of the upcoming launch of the 5G network in the two most important cities in the Midwest (no offense for St. Louis, Indianapolis or even Des Moines, all fine places to visit and live) is an additional proof that the new era of mobile commerce and payments is on the horizon .


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