Tuesday , May 30 2023

ZA ZAŠTO? – ZANU PF is strengthening its council


Zanu-PF decided to recall two councilors from Chiredzi Tovn for violating the party's constitution after being found guilty of consulting with the MDC-Alliance members to elect a committee chairman from the opposition, despite the ruling party that enjoys a numerical advantage in the council.

The ruling party, which controls four departments in the Chiredzi city of the three MDC-Alliance, with another section under the control of an independent candidate, handed over Chiredzi City Council chairmanship after his candidate Clr Blessing Maziniane lost Gibson Hvende from the MDC-Alliance with five votes up to three.

Clr Hwende's victory meant that some members of the ruling party voted for him instead of his party's candidates.

The Provincial Coordination Committee Zanu (PCC) decided at the weekend to remember Cllrs Obert Ngvenia (Vard 2) and Joshfat Nzombe (Vard 8) after being found guilty of violating the party's constitution by working with the opposition in the Chiredzi Tovn Council. The decision to recall a couple is now awaiting approval by the Zanu-pf National Disciplinary Board.

If the panel supports the Masvingo PCB decision, the party will inform the electoral commission in Zimbabwe, which will open the second election board in two departments.

Zanu PF Masvingo provincial spokesperson Cde Ronald Ndava confirmed the decision to call on the two ruling party leaders from their positions.

"We decided to remind two councilors in the city of Chiredzi for violating the party's constitution and since then we have been sent a letter to Zanu PF National Disciplinary Committee (ZDF) who will automatically revise our resolution before deciding what to do next," he said. .

"We will find out whether there will be elections in Chiredzi cities in Sections 2 and 8 after the NDC makes its decision, so they are now waiting" – state media

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