Wednesday , March 22 2023

ZCTU rejects warning on Mathem – Bulavaio24 News


Zimbabwe's largest union federation has rejected Interior Minister Caine Mathea's warning that those who planned anti-government demonstrations risked heavy consequences.

Zimbabwe Trade Union Congress (ZCTU), ally of Nelson Chamis's MDC, said he was upset by the comments of Mathematician that all future anti-government demonstrations would collapse.

Mathema said the government had established security measures to deal with dissatisfaction that they plan to upset peace in the country through illegal demonstrations.

"The ZCTU would like to remind the Minister that Zimbabweans have an inalienable right to demonstrate as it is established in the Constitution of Zimbabwe. Basically, what the Minister has done is to throw the Constitution out of the window," said Japhet Moio, Secretary General of the ZCTU in a statement .

"The threat to release security forces on citizen demonstrations is barbaric and there is no place in modern Zimbabwe."

In the past, the ZCTU held state-level strikes and jobs in protest of government policy.

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